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UK Tories destroying letter & spirit of Good Friday peace deal

It's important to stress from the outset, the vast majority of the Irish nation on the island of Ireland desire good neighbourly relations with the English, Scottish and Welsh nations of the island of Britain. However, we Irish continue to oppose - as we have done for several centuries - the British state's unjust, immoral and unwanted interference in the internal affairs of our island of Ireland native homeland.

It's of equal importance for the reader to remain mindful, the DUP vehemently opposed all proposed peace deals including the 1998 Good Friday Agreement peace deal. In fact, the DUP's anti-democratic refusal to honour full implementation of the GFA is what caused the collapse of the Stormont mandatory power-sharing Assembly.

The UK Tory party are in the process of entering some form of in/formal coalition with the ultra-rightwing Democratic Unionist Party. Irish Nationalist citizens are alarmed by the prospect of some secret sectarian deal between these parties. We believe, the DUP will not represent Northern Ireland's pro-EU vote and that this coalition breaches the terms of our 1998 Belfast Agreement aka Good Friday Agreement peace deal:

(v) affirm that whatever choice is freely exercised by a majority of the people of Northern Ireland, the power of the sovereign government with jurisdiction there shall be exercised with rigorous impartiality on behalf of all the people in the diversity of their identities and traditions and shall be founded on the principles of full respect for, and equality of, civil, political, social and cultural rights, of freedom from discrimination for all citizens, and of parity of esteem and of just and equal treatment for the identity, ethos, and aspirations of both communities

The DUP has sought to rebut the above concerns, arguing its coalition efforts are no different to Sinn Féin achieving its goal to secure a role in governing the southern Ireland state. However, this is a strawman argument. It's based on ignoring the above 'rigorous impartiality' clause imposed on the UK government alone. Also - given the Irish government has no sovereign control over N Ireland, Irish Sinn Féin's endeavour in the Republic of Ireland is not incompatible with the above and is entirely compatible with the below additional provision of our peace agreement:

“(ii) recognise that it is for the people of the island of Ireland alone, by agreement between the two parts respectively and without external impediment, to exercise their right of self-determination...

The United Kingdom's Tory government must not be allowed to ignore or sidestep the above vitally important points of concern. Furthermore, it must oblige the DUP to stop demanding new compromises in order to timetable full implementation of our GFA, SAA and SHA peace deals that were based on compromise positions. If this doesn't happen, SF voters will not continence the pointless restoration of Stormont and instability will invariably increase across Northern Ireland.

Similarly, the Tory government must be obliged to acknowledge the DUP's historical and current links with British Unionist paramilitary terrorist gangs.

During the 1960's and thereafter, founding members of the DUP formed a number of political groups and terrorist gangs: Ulster Protestant Volunteers; Third Force; and Ulster Resistance.

The DUP has consorted with the still active Ulster Defence Association terrorist gang since its creation in 1971. Notably, in 1975 the UDA bombed Biddy Milligan's pub in London. Here in 2017, UDA terrorists are still killing UK citizens with guns supposedly supplied by the Ulster Resistance gang founded by the DUP.

"How have the DUP gotten away with it for so long? What other party and its leadership would get away with founding and supporting paramilitary loyalist armies and continually aligning itself with loyalist gunmen and killers without suffering the kind of rigorous media questioning that Sinn Fein, quite rightly, has faced?" - A Very British Jihad by Paul Larkin

There are other major civil society concerns with the DUP that ought to alarm all decent people. These include not least numerous instances of alleged corruption and discrimination: Brexti dark financing; RHI grants scandal; NAMA millions; Red Sky housing; and sectarian use of state funds funnelled to its supporters in the anti-Catholic Orange Order and often to UDA and UVF terrorist led “community groups” of various hues.

To keep this brief, individually Google the names of DUP members: Gregory Campbell, Nelson McCausland, Paul Girvan; Willie McCrea, adding phrases such as: insulting Irish language; burning Irish Tricolours; Catholic statues on bonfires; housing discrimination against Irish Nationalists; praising terrorist companions; DUP Pastor McConnell and Muslims...

The pro-Orange Order DUP's ethos is that of evangelical creationists and climate deniers who oppose equal UK citizenship. In particular, the DUP opposes gay marriage and gay adoption, and liberal abortion healthcare. Plus, despite a binding agreement between the Irish and UK governments and the UK's UN Treaty obligation on minority native languages, the DUP thumbs its finger at Downing Street and continues to refuse to implement an indigenous Irish language protection Act (even despite the Scottish and Welsh languages enjoy such protection). All of the above is causing neverending turmoil in Northern Ireland and has resulted in the collapse of the Stormont devolved Assembly.

The most infamous of the above terrorist gangs and sub-groups who joined the DUP are: Noel Little (Father of current MP Emma Little-Pengelly), Charles Watson, William McCaughey, Ivan Foster, Frank McCoubrey, George Seawright, Sam White, Tommy Kirkham, Tommy Sandford, John Smyth and many others. Indeed, both former and current UDA members continue to campaign for DUP election candidates.

Ian Richard Kyle Paisley is a founding member of the DUP. He is the Son of a member of the original Ulster Volunteer Force gang of terrorists. In 1913, that illegally armed UVF threatened the UK government and Irish nation with bloody insurrection to halt enactment of the 1912 Home Rule Bill democratically campaigned for by the majority of Ireland.

In 1966, the Ulster Protestant Volunteers was formed by the DUP's founding member Ian Paisley and a Noel Doherty: the latter being a member of Paisley's fundamentalist Free Presbyterian Church in Belfast. In October 1966, Doherty was imprisoned for procurement of explosives for the UPV. In 1968, the UPV bombed various locations in the North and South of Ireland. Paisley and his Ulster Protestant Telegraph newspaper blamed these bombings on the then defunct IRA. During one of these bombings, UPV member Thomas McDowell was terminally injured and the evil Paisley incitement plot was thereby exposed.

Peter Robinson is the second former leader of the DUP and a founding member of the Ulster Resistance gang. He was arrested during an incident whereon a masked mob of Unionists raided the Republic of Ireland and attacked a police station and injured Officers. Peter Robinson is both the mentor of the current DUP leader Arlene Foster aswell as the election manager of current MP Emma Little-Pengelly. As the below videos prove, Peter Robinson refused to condemn the UDA as murdering terrorists. Also, both he, Ian Paisley and Nigel Dodds have attended paramilitary glorification funerals of UDA terrorists, with Robinson even carrying the coffin of a UDA leader – remember UDA terrorists murdered over four hundred citizens and most were innocent Irish Nationalist civilians.

Sammy Wilson MP is a founding member of the Ulster Resistance gang. We know, he reportedly referred to as 'sub-human animals' Irish Nationalists and mocked the murders of others. He also reportedly approved of a 1994 UDA terrorist Dooms Day plot to ethnically cleanse native Irish Nationalist Catholics from Northern Ireland. More recently, he was recorded endorsing a suggestion to expel ethnic minorities from Northern Ireland. Furthermore, Mr Wilson MP reportedly made outrageous derogatory remarks about homosexual citizens and is a very vocal climate denier.

DUP member Charles Watson founded Ulster Resistance along with the DUP's Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson and Sammy Wilson. Amongst other notorious terrorist crimes, Watson was implicated in the sectarian murder of Irish GAA sporting figure Jack Kielty, Father of Irish comedian Paddy Kielty.

Importantly, rifles, handguns, grenades and rocket launchers illegally imported by the DUP's Ulster Resistance gang have never been decommissioned. These weapons were reportedly handed over to the still active UDA terrorist gang. Conveniently, after the existence of these weapons became public knowledge, the DUP then contended it had severed its links with Ulster Resistance. However, there isn't a scintilla of evidence to suggest when this supposed disassociation actually occurred, or why.... why?

Here in 2017, the current DUP leader Arlene Foster has yet to condemn the actions of the Ulster Resistance gang or its founders. Similarly, Mrs Foster has never condemned her mentor Peter Robinson's above refusal to condemn UDA terrorism and his glorification of dead UDA terrorists. Furthermore, amidst murderous and drug gangster UDA activities, the DUP continues to consort with members of the UDA terrorist gang who reportedly received Ulster Resistance guns that are still killing UK citizens.

When today's DUP members and supporters refer to 'terrorists' and 'victims of terrorism', they must be obliged to address the DUP's terrorist antecedents and current connections with still active terrorist gangs.

Finally, what has the United Kingdom's Prime Minister, Theresa May, got to say about the above?

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