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Ireland's Afrikaner Statelet - a legacy of British colonial evil

01: The British state never had a right to occupy any part of Ireland nor to mistreat its native population. What it did to the Irish nation was evil. And the Colonists it planted here in order to aid and abet that evil, they never had a right to mistreat the native Irish in our own homeland and ditto their descendants. It's time pro-British state Unionists/Colonialists ceased acting like Ireland's version of the supremacist Afrikaners of a bygone South Africa era. Start by confronting the harsh truth, their forefathers were hate-mongers toward their host nation citizens and raised them to perpetuate a vile colonial supremacism and ethnocentric hatred and the evidence (below) proves they excelled at it...

British Anti-Democratic Terrorism

02: In 1912, the supremacist "British" Unionist community in the north-east of the island Ireland formed and illegally armed their new terrorist group the Ulster Volunteers (Force). They then (as they'd done in the past) began to publicly parade and drill with their terrorist weapons, and warned their UK Government there'd be a bloody insurrection and civil war. That is, if it ratified the majority Irish nation's impending (and ultimately successful) vote in 1912 in the UK Parliament to approve establishing a new all-Ireland democratic Home Rule Parliament (the original British gerrymandered Unionist-dominated parliament in Ireland having been abolished by imposition of the UK's 1800 Act of Union).

03: In 1920, the British state threatened 'immediate terrible war' if our small Irish nation resisted their intention to partition our island homeland into 2 states - this being the demand by the minority British Unionist community planted on confiscated native Irish land across Ulster to aid and abet subjugation of the Irish. This Hobson's choice; partition or war, was no different to a man holding a gun to a woman's head to exact an "agreement" to rape or kill her, and was issued despite 2 years earlier in the 1918 election the Irish won 75 of Ireland's 108 seats in the UK Parliament on a "sovereign independence" mandate. Furthermore, this vile anti-democratic ultimatum was issued just 2 years after WW1 during which 200,000 Irish fought and died alongside the British against German imperialism. By contrast, of the Unionists so-called "1913 UVF 100k militia" only an estimated 38.5k joined the British army's '36th Ulster Division'... the majority of them to their shame hide in their shops and on their farms etc.

Institutionalising British Bigotry

04: When the British state gerrymandered 6 county Northern Ireland statelet into existence in 1921, Ireland's 9 county province of Ulster had an estimated population of 1,590,000 and of those 840,000 were Protestants i.e those assumed to be pro-British Unionists. However - leaving aside both the result of the 1918 all-Ireland election and the fact Unionists represented under 20% of Ireland's population, only 417,414 (-50%) of 9 county Ulster's Unionists signed the 1912 Ulster Covenant Oath opposing the Irish Home Rule Bill to re-establish one new democratic all-Ireland Parliament in Dublin.

05: Having imposed partition, the British Government in effect handed a cabal of colonial-minded supremacist bigots the UK Union flag to wave as a shield to deflect calls for equality of citizenship in their "British (only)" NI colony. Now empowered to rein supreme in their undemocratically constituted statelet, the Unionist community promptly reverted to type and took every opportunity to blatantly discriminate against the native Irish in our own homeland. In this regard, the English born Judge from Scotland Lord Cameron in his 1969 report roundly condemned NI colony's gerrymandered electoral system, adding:

'We are satisfied that all these Unionist controlled councils have used and use their power to make appointments in a way which benefited Protestants...' (paragraph 138).
'In the first fifty years of the Northern Ireland state there is considerable evidence of just such a broad pattern of bias. This has been most closely examined in relation to local authorities, and there is overwhelming evidence that some local authorities practised discriminatory employment policy, and allocated the houses under their control in a sectarian fashion and for the electoral advantage of the dominant party. Practices also occurred at the Stormont level which demonstrate a deliberate bias against members of the minority community. There is a body of evidence that emergency powers were operated in a discriminatory fashion, and that both the administration of justice and the use of the police force were subjected to political pressures. Perhaps the clearest instances of all, however, are those relating to public employees and appointments to public bodies. Whether it applied to the employment of dustmen by Fermanagh County Council, to promotion in the civil service or to judicial appointments, there is a consistent and irrefutable pattern of deliberate discrimination against Catholics.' (1983 Contemporary Irish Studies by Tom Gallagher and James O'Connell).
In 1933, Sir John Davison, Grand Master of the Orange Order urged 'When will the Protestant employers of Northern Ireland recognise their duty to their Protestant brothers and sisters and employ them to the exclusion of Roman Catholics?'...'whenever a Roman Catholic is brought into employment it means one Protestant vote less'.
On 12th July 1933, British Minister and later leader of the NI colony Government Sir Basil Brooke (aka Lord Brookeborough) advised he '...had not a Catholic about the place...' and appealed to fellow Unionists 'wherever possible to employ good Protestant lads and lassies...'. And the following year, he added: 'When I made that declaration last "twelfth" I did so after careful consideration. What I said was justified. I recommended people not to employ Roman Catholics...'

Unionists Ethnic Cleansing Natives

06: During 1920-22, pogroms against Irish Catholics in Belfast and elsewhere seemed to be acquiesced by the British Government (though in the past they'd actually incited conflict); they certainly failed to properly consider complaints in parliament about murders and intervene to protect the Irish citizens in their United Kingdom of supposed equals. To the Irish, these events were a mere extension of the age-old foreign British state ethnic cleansing of the Irish in the North of our island homeland dating back to Sir/Lord Chichester in 1598. Across Belfast, Lisburn, Banbridge, Dromore and Derry, Unionists engaged in this further spate of pogroms; murdering hundreds of Catholics, wounding thousands, making tens of thousands homeless, burning 4,500 Catholic-owned businesses and expelling seven thousand Catholics from their jobs at Harland & Wolff shipyard. Furthermore, British state army and police participated in some of these attacks alongside the revived UVF terrorist group.

07: This endless British Unionist hatred toward Irish Catholics in Ireland hasn't been confined to just those within the NI colony region. For instance, in 1941 the NI colony leader Lord Craigavon pleaded with the UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill to re-occupy the then neutral territory of southern Ireland and install a puppet regime. And worse, Winston Churchill confirmed in 1945 he seriously considerated this proposal and indeed drew-up a relevant plan - this was despite the British agreed in the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty that southern Ireland was 'a sovereign independent state'.

08: It's worth listening to the eloquent response by Irish Taoiseach Eamon De Valera to the above shocking revelation. At the time of this possible re-occupation, thousands of Irish Volunteers were fighting and dying alongside our neighbours from Great Britain to combat Nazi fascism (while Pathe News ceased covering Orange Order parades due to public anger at the sight of so many strapping young men not fighting the Nazi's alongside fellow GB citizens as there was no conscription in NI colony, and later the only NI citizen awarded a George Cross was Irish Catholic James Magennis shunned by the NI Unionist state). Moreover, the Irish state were actively assisting British forces: they agreed a secret plan to allow British forces to set-up base and re-group in southern Ireland in the event Britain became occupied by Nazi forces; they permitted allied warplanes to overfly Irish territory; displayed land-markers to guide allied warplanes; provided Britain with regular naval weather reports; repaired several British warships; kept interned combatant German forces but released British forces back to their regiments, and; the Irish state even sent firecrews to Belfast after Nazi fire-bomb raids.

Erasing Irish Identity

09: In 1921, the Westminister Parliament in London awarded the new NI statelet an English-style Saint George's Cross flag and invaribly knew and likely encouraged, throughout the 1920's NI's state education curriculum was singularly 'Anglocentric' (Professor Pritchard), bereft of Gaelic/Irish history, language, identity and culture (Bishop Mageean). And so skewed was their education, Unionist politicians such as Lord Morrow and Ruth Patterson were raised thinking Saint Patrick was a Protestant, and the UUP's Tom Elliott thought their illegal 1913 UVF terrorist gang were legal state forces. In fact by 1930 NI's Prime Minister and Orangeman Viscount James Craig boasted, NI state schools were 'safe for Protestant children' - these remarks followed a successful 1923-25 'Protestant teachers for Protestant schools' themed campaign mounted by the British Monarchist oath-bound Orange Order to oppose education reforms designed to entice Irish Catholics to send their children to NI's Anglocentric state schools (though the Catholic faith schools rightly preferred to maintain the balanced education system previously agreed between the differing church faiths until the Protestant churches handed their schools over to the new NI state in 1921).

Terrorising Civil Rights

10: In the early 1960's - taking inspiration from the risen voices of oppressed peoples such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, Irish citizens in NI colony took to the streets to demand equal citizenship in their own homeland i.e the end to gerrymandered voting; discrimination in employment and housing; bias infrastructure and community funding; misuse of other state and police powers expressly envied by the Apartheid regime; endless vile sectarian denigration from the annually thousands of anti-Catholic Orange Order parades plus bonfires etc. Obviously, dreading the potential lose of their supremacist status within NI colony the Unionist community violently reacted to these Civil Rights demands. Namely, they organised (sometimes armed) counter-protests and Civil Right marches were banned or attacked.

11: When eventually NI colony's English born and raised Prime Minister indicated his Government might consider some mild reforms, 'Ulster Unionist Party' politicians revived their old 1912 & 1920's UVF terror gangs who re-started killing Irish Catholic civilians and firebombing their businesses (during a 1969 appeal against Judge Topping's initial 1967 rejection of a related damages claim, the NI Court of Appeal held it was "satisfied that its [the UVF's] activities were directed to asserting and maintaining the Protestant ascendancy in areas of the city of Belfast where there was a predominantly Protestant population, and that it sought to effect this by overt acts of annoyance and even terrorism in the hope that Roman Catholics might be forced to move to other areas"). And to drive their point home the UVF proceeded to issue this dire warning on 21st May 1966:

'...We will not tolerate interference from any source and we solemnly warn the authorities to make no more speeches of appeasement. We are heavily armed Protestants dedicated to this cause'.

Bigots Bullies & Bombers

12: 05th October 1968 is generally regarded as the beginning of the violent "troubles" conflict which erupted in the Northern Ireland colony:-

i) 05th October 1968, the RUC police baton-charged a Civil Rights march injuring peaceful protestors including elected parliamentarians. These televised scenes caused riots in Derry, and provoked outrage throughout Ireland and elsewhere. Also, these events prompted instant protests in Belfast and across NI colony which in turn attracted Unionist counter-protest mobs who were often abusive and violent.
ii) In February 1969, the foresighted English pseudo-moderate Orangeman Terence O'Neill was re-elected by Unionists as Prime Minister of NI colony. By 23th April 1969, he felt obliged by Civil Rights protests to progress a universal adult suffrage Bill which passed by 28 to 22 votes. When this proposal was announced Minister Brian Faulkner resigned his post. And after it became law the anti-reformist bigot James Chichester-Clark also resigned his Ministerial post to trigger a 'no confidence' crisis against O'Neill - within a week O'Neill resigned and was replaced by Chichester-Clark.
iii) Amidst this power struggle between pseudo-moderates and ultra-extremist Unionist politicians, Unionist UVF and UPV terrorist gangs exploded bombs on 30th March, 04th, 20th and 26th April 1969. The Protestant Telegraph (owned by Rev Ian "the bigot" Paisley founder of the UPV terror gang; predecessor to his Third Force and Ulster Resistance terror gangs) promptly alleged these bombings were 'the first act of sabotage perpetrated by the IRA...' adding they were 'an ominous indication of what lies ahead for Ulster'. However, a further explosion on 19/10/69 terminally injured a bomber and thereon exposed a machiavellian plot. Evidently, the Paislyites sought to instill fear and incite others to join his crusade to terrorise the Civil Rights movement he stalked and mendaciously portrayed as an IRA cover-gang - to contexualise this plot it must be noted that the defunct 'Official IRA' of the 1920's-50's hadn't fired a shot in NI colony in over a decade and the (latterly infamous) 'Provisional IRA' didn't exist at this point in time.
iv) On 12th July 1969, the annual Unionist bigotfest marching and bonfire session reached its usual abusive peak. This year, however - due to the stoking of political tensions, this pinnacle day of the hate-fuelling bigotfest session yet again escalated to Irish Catholic homes being attacked and dozens of families intimidated out of predominantly Unionist districts in Belfast, Derry and Dungiven (see also below events of August 1969, plus similar events back in July 1921 and 1935, 1966, and even jump into the future to the heart-breaking events of July 1998).
v) On 12th August 1969, the Loyal Order's 'Apprentice Boys' rejected the majority local community's request to cancel or re-route their triumphalist and usually abusive parade away from the Irish Catholic Bogside district in Derry. As a consequence, distubances erupted and the Unionist RUC "B Special" police invaded the Bogside alongside a Unionist mob who helped them attack Irish Catholics and wreck their properties. These type of incidents caused the evacuation across the border of some 500 women and children from Derry alone and erection of barricades to protect local homes and businesses. Throughout the following three days there were sustained clashes between residents and the RUC which became known as the Battle Of The Bogside. The British Government then deployed armoured troops on to the streets of Derry.
vi) On 13th August 1969, Irish Taoiseach, Jack Lynch, announced he had made representations to the British Government and the United Nations regarding the dire situation in NI colony; the endemic discrimination against Irish Nationalists by the NI colony regime was an affront to the civilised world; the sustained sectarian attacks against Irish Nationalists were intolerable; the RUC were patently bias and unacceptable; deploying British troops would not resolve the situation; the only way forward was for impartial UN Peacekeepers to be deployed and, ultimately, re-unification of the Irish nation.
vii) During the 14th-15th of August 1969 in Belfast, enraged Unionist mobs supported by armed RUC "B Special" militia started attacking Irish Catholic districts in the hope of purging them from the city before the possible arrival of any UN peacekeepers. This time, they burned over 1,500 Irish citizens' homes, injured hundreds, shot dozens and 8 people died e.g 9 year-old Patrick Rooney shot dead as he slept in bed and 20 year-old serving Royal Marine Hugh McCabe on compassionate leave at his Irish Catholic Mother's home on the Falls Road - these events became known as the 'Bombay Street Pogrom'.

Government Approved Terrorists

13: When the British Government deployed battle troops to NI colony in August 1969, they promptly joined the sectarian RUC police in their alliance with Unionist terror gangs who were amenable to a united effort to suppress the aggrieved Irish Nationalist community. So open and cosy were these relationships, the British army patrolled the streets of Belfast with masked Unionist terrorist gangs and both the army and police ignored these terrorist gangs carrying and discharging guns on the streets... eventually these alliances would develop into the specialist British army units, the RUC police and locally recruited British army UDR soldiers forming secret murder gangs.

Know Your Enemy

14: The British army in its final report on Operation Banner set-out the lessons it had learnt and an assessment of the protagonist organisations involved in that 32 year long conflict. In summary, it decided:

The Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) were generally 'a professional, dedicated, highly skilled and resilient force' and they've even saluted IRA Volunteer funerals;
The Unionist Ulster Volunteer Force and Ulster Defence Association paramilitaries and other micro groups were deemed 'little more than a collection of gangsters' who post-peace engage in wide-spread drug-dealing, extortion and attacks on newly arrived immigrants etc.

Faux British Allegiance

15: NI colony Unionists pledge a very conditional allegiance to the British state based on the understanding, they get to use the UK Union flag to maintain their vile and abusive supremacist attitude toward the native Irish population. When international pressure has obliged the British state to intervene, Unionists would swiftly became hostile toward state forces i.e they murdered 14 British state forces and injured hundreds during numerous street disturbances. They burnt effigies of British Prime Minister Thatcher. NI Unionist forces were involved in the clockwork orange plot to topple British Prime Minister Harold Wilson who they alleged was a IRA sympathiser etc, and who around that period asserted NI Unionists were a bunch of spongers. They have bombed pubs in England and Scotland - respectively in 1975 and 1979. Also, Unionists stole secret British missile technology and sold it to a foreign regime. In the ancient past, Unionists main so-called "religious and cultural" organisation the Orange Order spread it tentacles across the UK and plotted to overthrow the British Monarch and replace her with one of their own members. During the more recent times of the 1970's through to 1994, Unionists planned to create a re-partitioned "independent Ulster" state to maintain 'an ethnic Protestant homeland' from which they planned to en masse ethnic cleanse Irish Nationalist Catholics.

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