Thursday, 21 January 2016

British Colonialists Immoral Compass

01: The most revered British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill (who killed hundreds of thousands of civilians whilst deliberately carpet bombing residential districts of German cities) said before world war two:

'perhaps the next time round the way to do it will be to kill women, children and the civilian population.'

02: Given the above moral leadership, it's hardly surprising that 97% of attacks by British Unionist terrorist gangs were directed toward Irish Nationalist civilians and that 86% of those they murdered were from this cohort. The UVF and UDA modus operandi was undeniably to randomly shoot and bomb civilians in known Irish Nationalist district streets, homes, hotels and pubs etc. In fact, years later their modus operandi was explained in the following terms by former British soldier and leader of the UVF terrorist gang, Gusty Spence:

'At the time, the attitude was that if you couldn't get an IRA man you should shoot a Taig' (aka an Irish Nationalist Catholic civilian).

03: So utterly depraved and insincere were NI colony Unionist terrorists that in 1994, they announced a permanent end to their rein of terror stating 'In all sincerity, we offer to the loved ones of all innocent victims over the past 25 years, abject and true remorse'. However, they proceeded to commit a further 50 plus murders (half of which was due to internal feuding and the other half were Irish Nationalist civilians plus the last murdered RUC member) and attacked hundreds of Irish Nationalists and their homes. By the year 2000, Unionists were painting murals expressly gloating over some of the worst of their sectarian murders of Irish Nationalist civilians...

Depraved Unionist Terrorism

04: Throughout our conflict Unionist terrorists perpetrated the most barbaric attacks and murders imaginable: they not only planted a bomb in a Catholic church in 1969; they bombed a Catholic school in Trentaghmucklagh; they petrol bombed Holycross Catholic school in Belfast and many years later returned to it in the presence of the world's media to subject Irish Catholic schoolchildren to months of daily terror. Unionist terrorists even plotted to murder a classroom of Irish Catholic schoolchildren and much much more.

05: It's impossible to herein do justice to the hundreds of Irish Nationalist civilians slaughtered by Unionist terrorists but a sample of their most barbaric acts are as follows:-

5.1) McGurks Bar Obliteration: 15 Irish civilians murdered and several injured on 04th December 1971, when UVF terrorists exploded a no-warning bomb at the entrance to this family-friendly pub.
5.2) Rapist & Executioners: On 12th July 1972, 15 year old disabled David McClenaghan was shot dead in his home by a 4-man gang of British Unionist terrorists, though not before he had to watch this UDA gang rape his Mother Sarah McClenaghan.
5.3) Child Kidnap & Murder: On 30th January 1973, Irish Nationalist 14 year old child Philip Rafferty was kidnapped by a gang of supposedly "brave" Unionist UVF terrorists, beaten, shot dead and dumped in a carpark on the outskirts of Belfast.
5.4) Ormeau Rose & Crown bombing: 02nd May 1974, 6 Irish civilians were murdered by UVF Unionist terrorists - todate there has been no charges brought against the bomb-maker nor the Commander who recruited the two 16 years jailed for this attack.
5.5) Dublin and Monaghan Bombings: 31 civilians (including a heavily pregnant Mother carrying twins plus a French and Italian citizen) were murdered and 150 odd injured when the Unionist state's UVF-RUC-UDR Glenanne Gang exploded 3 bombs during rush-hour in Dublin and Monaghan on 17th May 1974.
5.6) Sunday Church Killings: 2 Irish Nationalist civilian teenagers leaving Sunday morning mass at Saint Brigid's Church were shot dead by Unionist UVF terrorists on 09th February 1975 in north Belfast.
5.7) Strand Bar Massacre: 6 Irish Nationalist civilians - most of whom were very elderly citizens - were murdered during a gun and bomb attack by a Unionist UVF terrorist gang on 12th April 1975 in the Short Strand enclave in east Belfast.
5.8) Pregnancy Cottage Boobytrap: 3 Irish Nationalist civilians – 2 Brothers and their 8 month' pregnant Sister, were murdered by UVF bombers at a family cottage on 31st July 1975 in Tyrone.
5.9) Miami Showband Massacre: 3 members of Ireland's answer to the "Beatles" were shot dead and another injured at a Unionist UVF bogus security checkpoint on 31st July 1975 in south County Down.
5.10) Casey's Factory Killings: 4 Irish Nationalists were murdered in their place of work by Unionist UVF terrorists on 02nd October 1975 in west Belfast.
5.11) Reavey & O'Dowd Families Massacre: 6 Irish Nationalists were shot dead in their homes in Armagh – 3 in the Reavey home and 3 in the O'Dowd home, by UVF terrorists on 04th January 1976.
5.12) Ramble Inn Slaughter: On 02nd July 1976 blind-hate fuelled Unionist UVF terrorist gunmen attacked a County Antrim Catholic-owned bar killing 6 civilian patrons (5 Protestant and one Catholic) and wounding 3 others.
5.13) Commemoration Parade Bombed: On Sunday 10th April 1977, Irish Nationalist 10 year old Kevin McMenamin was killed and several other civilians were injured by a Unionist UVF bomb planted as they watched a Republican Clubs Easter Commemoration parade on the Falls Road in Belfast.
5.14) UVF Shankill Butchers: 23 civilians were slaughtered in Belfast by a British Unionist UVF terrorist gang of serial killers through 1975 to 1982. These monsters used Belfast's polarised districts to randomly select, swiftly assault then kidnap lone victims they suspected of being Irish Nationalists (though not all were). They then drove to one of their dens where, they tortured these poor souls before slitting their throats and mutilating them with hammers, knives and hatchets.
5.15) Milltown Cemetery Attack: On 16th March 1988, 3 Irish Nationalists were killed and 60 wounded during a videoed gun and grenade attack on mourners by Unionist UDA terrorists.
5.16) Ormeau Bookies Massacre: 5 Irish Nationalist civilians died among the 12 shot by the UDA-UFF terrorist gang on 06th February 1992 in south Belfast. No-one has ever been convicted of these murders, despite eye-witness accounts and forensics identified the gang.
5.17) Greysteel Trick or Treat Massacre: 8 Irish civilians shot dead by a Unionist UDA-UFF terrorist gang who shouted "trick or treat" as they entered the Rising Sun Bar in County Derry on 30th Oct 1993.
5.18) Assassinating Human Rights: 2 Irish Nationalist practising Human Rights lawyers were murdered by British Unionists terrorist gangs and others threatened with a similar fate. Pat Finucane was murdered at home on 12th February 1989 at the behest of British state agents. Then, a Unionist UDA-RHC terrorist gang murdered Irish Human Rights Lawyer Rosemary Nelson in her car on 15th March 1999 at the behest of RUC police.
5.19) Lady Pensioner's Murder: Irish Nationalist pensioner Roseanne Mallon (76) was shot dead at her Newphews' home in Dungannon on 08th May 1994 by Unionist UDA-UFF terrorists.
5.20) Loughinisland Massacre 1994. British Unionist UVF terrorists burst into the local village pub and shot 11 civilians, killing 6 of them. The UVF claimed this sectarian attack on Irish Catholic civilians was in retaliation for Irish Republican paramilitary forces shooting 3 UVF terrorists.
5.21) Quinn Children Fireball: 3 sleeping Irish Nationalist Catholic children were burned to death in their beds on 10th August 1998. Unionist terrorists attack their home because Catholics objected to bigoted Unionist Orange Order parades (to Drumcree) which passed their homes spewing centuries old bigotry - the British state's initial response was to ignore Irish grievances and attack sitdown resident protests to facilitate these bigotfest parades... until the world media exposed their bias.

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