Saturday, 5 December 2015

Orangeism - a British colonial culture of supremacism and hate

Roots Of Orangeism

01: Orangeism is the culture unique to the most regressive and intolerant element of the pro-British colonialist community within the British colony in the northern region of the island of Ireland. It portrays itself as representing Protestantism but that's a bloody insult to the majority of decent Protestants. The Orange Order represents the core of Orangeism and is often compared to the Ku Klux Klan, as both these cultures share a hatred of Catholics and a supremacist attitude toward 'others' not of their ilk.

02: The KKK leader has confirmed to the BBC that he is in contact with people in the Northern Ireland colony (see below). Indeed, Joe Bratty a Belfast Commander of the pro-British UDA terrorist group called his unit 'Ku Klux Klan' and its members had 'KKK' tattoos. And within the urban Unionist community wherein Orangeism flourishes racist attacks are endemic and we see evidence of that community using the same flags, symbols and garb as that of the KKK e.g

Hate-fuelling Culture

03: Generation after generation, urban children in particular are nurtured on a diet of bigotry by the annual hate-fest parade and bonfire "Orange culture" session. And (as the below vidoes prove) when they reach adulthood they continue this hateful culture during soccer and other social events. During these events thousands of impressionable young members, supporters and spectators of Unionist "Orange culture" commonly hear anti-Catholic 'Billy Boys' and 'Follow Follow' (Fuck the Pope) plus anti-Irish 'Famine Song' aswell as see the nation-wide burning of Catholic effigies and Irish symbols.

Raised On Hatred

04: Today, Saturday 05th December 2015, Orangeman William Frazer led a 'Protestant Coalition' protest outside Belfast City Hall against the pre-arranged impending arrvial of immigrants fleeing war-torn Syria. This vile racism is a further obnoxious manifestation of the supremacism and blind hatred associated with the culture of Orangeism.

Bonfires Of Hate

05: The Orange Order actively promotes bonfires and explains the history of these supposed "beacons", which were at their crudest essentially to guide foreign Dutch Prince William on his journey to kill Catholics - that included killing their reining British monarch King James. Indeed, the Orange Order openly confirms its proudly 'associated' with bonfires as many members build bonfires in their locality and the Grand Orange Lodge helpfully issues guidance on bonfire construction and burning - notably though it conspicuously avoids condemning the widespread racist and bigoted burning of the most cherished of Irish and Catholic symbols during these annual hatefest events.

Fascist Anti-Democracts

06: The English and Scottish forefathers of Unionists/Colonialists were planted in the north-east of Ireland to aid and abet British state colonial evils against the native Irish. As learned academics have observed, the present-day descendants of that cohort can readily articulate what they oppose but struggle to explain what they represent in a 21st century world. Throughout their history in Ireland, these Colonialists have opposed democracy and equality of citizenship for Irish Catholics in our own homeland... they're a A Lost Tribe the 'real' British in Britain now disown.

The Hate Apologists

07: Show the above videos and images to Unionist politicians and community workers and few will acknowledge the plain truth. Usually, they will either ignore the evidence or knowingly and falsely contend these are isolated incidents. Worse, too many Unionists will shamelessly conjure boldfaced lies to excuse such blatant and vile bigotry.

P.s Please take time to read my earlier and detailed blog post Orange Order – parades of murder and mayhem


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  2. McGuinness open to attending Twelfth ...

    Martin McGuinness describes Apprentice Boys of Derry as "enriching our lives".

    Speaking to the Impartial Reporter newspaper, the Sinn Féin MLA said he appreciated the importance the day held for the unionist community and praised parades held in Londonderry.

    "Derry is peaceful," said Mr McGuinness.

    "We never have any concerns of parades of any description degenerating into violence or ignorance. People conduct themselves very, very well indeed and I take great pride in that.

    "I have consistently paid tribute to the work of, not just local residents, but the Apprentice Boys, who I do think by their presence in the city, enrich our lives."

    In a statement, the Orange Order said that, while their annual demonstrations are open to the public, they had "over 300 reasons" why they would not invite the deputy first minister to attend.

    "There were 333 of our brethren murdered during the Troubles, the overwhelming majority by the Provisional IRA, of which Martin McGuinness was a prominent member and proud to belong," it said.

    "To offer an invitation to Martin McGuinness would insult their memory and bring further hurt and distress to many families."