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North Of Ireland Colony - native Irish grievance narrative

01: The Irish nation can compose a list of grievances against the British state and the Colonists it planted across Ireland which could stretch around planet earth. But, what requires exploration now is the conduct of descendants of Ulster Colonists and in the context of our eternally-relevant grievance issues and present-day injustices.

Morally Framing The Debate

02: It's time local NI state media outlets such as the BBC Good Morning Ulster, BBC Nolan Radio and Tv series, BBC Talkback, BBC Evening Extra, BBC The View, plus UTV Tv and Radio etc required Unionist politicians and contributors to properly address the ream of native Irish Nationalist grievance issues:-

Is it true:

i) Irish Nationalists have since the foundation of the NI state consistently suffered the worst deprivation as regards employment and housing and the state hasn't taken robust corrective action?
ii) The section of the Irish nation whose native homeland comprises the relatively new NI state are entitled to insist the state substantively recognise their nation(al) identity in their native homeland?
iii) Irish Nationalists are entitled to feel aggrieved by the often videoed instances of bigotry during Unionist community cultural events and to expect Unionist politicians to condemn such conduct?
iv) Irish Nationalists are entitled to be offended when Unionists falsely allege they're engaging in a cultural war with regard to parades and flags when NI state data and UK policies contradict this?
v) Irish Nationalists are entitled to assert the British state were in plain moral terms wrong to a) occupy Ireland b) subjugate impoverish and demean the native Irish nation and further entitled to expect Unionists of integrity to acknowledge these were immoral and despicable actions?
vi) The Unionist minority are being hypocritical having illegally armed in rebellion in 1913 to oppose what they claim was their democratic Government - the one who passed the 1912 Home Rule Bill, then Unionists have the nerve to condemn 1916 Irish rebels for striking out for complete freedom when the British state started reneging on that Bill by planning to undemocratically partition Ireland?
vii) Irish Nationalists are entitled to assert the British state acted like a fascist state and lost any authority over Ireland when it disregarded the majority Irish nation's 'independence' mandate voice as per the 1918 election result and further entitled to expect Unionists of integrity to concede this truth?
viii) Unionists of moral integrity will readily concede there's overwhelming evidence to prove NI state since its inception operated as a British Protestant supremacist entity which systematically discriminated against and mistreated Irish Nationalist Catholics?
ix) Unionists of integrity will acknowledge the evidence proves, they started the violence which consumed the North of Ireland in 1969 - they exploded the initial bombs, killed the first adult civilians, the first child, the first soldier, the first RUC policeman and indeed the last RUC policeman?
x) If Unionists believe the British state represent the sole and legitimate force of law and order over the NI state then logically they're morally obliged to hold it to account to that standard and demand it accept corporate responsibility and blame for all state member actions - as they now require from all non-state forces?

Maintaining Nationalist Deprivation

03:) Facilitating Inequality: NI Equality Commission's 'section 75 duties' Code was diluted, contrary to the GFA and impacts many protections against the disadvantage and discrimination suffered by the Irish Nationalist community since the foundation of the NI state;

3.1: Jobless Dustbins: Irish Nationalist wards in NI continue to occupy the top 80% of the most deprived of inward investment. This aspect of funding has for years been controlled by a Unionist Minister who recently admitted her primary task was to "protect the Unionist/Protestant community" and who disparagingly alleged elected Irish Nationalist representatives are rogues and renegades;

3.2:) Housing Deprivation: Irish Nationalists living in polarised working-class district wards continue to be the most disadvantaged citizens as regards housing projects. These projects are controlled by a Unionist NI Minister who's a member of the anti-Catholic Orange Order and his department is presently under investigation.

3.3:) Educational Outcomes: 905 Nationalist Catholic and 470 Unionist Protestant children failed to attain the set minimum standard of 5 GCSE exam results. Instead of using these straight numerical figures to identify the schools and junior citizens requiring greatest attention, Unionist politicians applied a sectarian sub-set percentage headcount to argue a 'Protestant boys' cohort required special attention above and beyond all others - the media has duly obliged Unionist politician by running endless articles with this theme.

Irish Nationhood Identity

04: In the 1998 GFA peace deal, the British and Irish Governments accorded 'parity of esteem' protection to two specific national identities within the NI state region i.e 'Irish' and 'British'; it made no mention of a third identity? However, in its 2011 Census the UK introduced a new British colonial hybrid 'Northern Irish' identity. Then, the British state's BBC broadcaster and other outlets issued journalists with a "style guide" instruction informing them to refrain from referring to NI citizens as belonging to the 'Irish' nation and further demonising NI state's Irish 'republican' community as all being supposed proponents of violence. Nowadays this new hybrid British colonial 'N Irish' identity is feverishly promoted as the one to be chosen by those citizens interested in the 'shared future' project. Evidently, these and other measures have a very clear objective; a) foster a consociational type state in which NI Unionists have access to a new non 'Irish nation' identity and b) to seduce politically naive Nationalists with constant subliminal messages implying their family will become isolated outsiders if they don't adopt this new "shared identity" - all this being designed to help cement the existence of the NI state and by default try to gradually marginalise NI's 'Irish' republican community striving for re-unification of the Irish nation.

4.1: Nation(al) Identity -v- State Sovereignty: The 1998 GFA peace deal conferred 'parity of esteem' between the Irish and British nation(al) identities inhabiting the NI state territory. However, NI Unionists are extremely hostile toward the NI state affording any formal recognition to the native 'Irish nation' identity and our rich and sociable native Irish culture within this occupied region of our native homeland. Why? Well, ask a Unionist. But, the causal observer might venture because insecure NI Unionists suffer from a deep-rooted sense of inferiority. They know their own identity and culture is rooted in a bygone colonial era of endlessly and triumphantly celebrating violent British colonialism and otherwise amounts to them possessing a hand-me-down re-branded version of the identity and culture of their English masters. So confused and lost are NI Unionists they can't coherently explain why the vast majority of them repudiate both their a) birthright Irish identity and even b) the 'Northern Irish' identity of their relatively new state - surely Unionists who reject the NI state identity are de facto rejecting what they purport to be a legitimate state and which they supposedly cherish?

Native Irish Language
05: In a UK of supposed equals, the British Government has been severely criticised by the UN for reneging on its Saint Andrew's Agreement commitment to introduce a Irish language Act, and for otherwise permitting NI Unionists to repeatedly block and mock a proposed law to protect the native Irish language within the UK jurisdiction. Unionists must be obliged to concede the true fact, our native Gaeilge language was politicised when a foreign British government banned and demonised it in Ireland, and thus all efforts to revive it are above reproach. The British Government know, there is no rational reason for NI Unionists opposing the proposed Irish language Act and that allowing this unlawful bigoted Unionist conduct to occur places the UK in breach of its UN Treaty obligation to protect a recognised minority language - the native language' of the Scottish and Welsh nations of the UK are so protected but not its second-class Irish citizens?

Bogus Unionist Morality

06: Colonial & Native Violence We Irish first and foremost are pro re-unification of our nation and homeland and pro self-determination of our internal affairs, all of which the British state imposed control over using violence and oppression. Conversely, NI Unionists are pro colonial occupation and violent subugation of the native Irish but are anti 1916 Irish rebels using violence to break free of foreign colonial rule - if NI Unionists are people of integrity with genuine civilised values they will readily acknowledge then in the clearest of terms condemn as immoral the violence the British state used to occupy Ireland and subdue the Irish nation in our own homeland?

07: Ireland's Sovereign People Until suppressed in the 17th century by a foreign British state, the prevailing laws in Ireland were Irish Brehon law. These awe-inspiring progressive laws accorded every citizen equality and honoured the sovereignty of their person as equal to that of their Irish Chieftains and King, and did not extend any rights to any foreign King or one-off English Pope. Thus, Ireland's incorporation into the UK was both immoral and contrary to 'the law' of the Irish nation. It follows, Ireland's status as a colony remained after the foreign 1800 Act of Union. And the NI state remains a mere remnant of that original colony until there's a democratic one-citizen one vote single referendum across Ireland - if Germany had managed to occupy England and impose its foreign laws would the English nation have agreed their laws were subordinate to German law?

08: Freedom Fighters -v- Terrorists Those who fought in the 1916 Irish rebellion were honourable freedom fighters representing the unheard voices of the majority of the Irish nation denied a vote franchise by the occupying British colonial state. When even within the gerrymandered voting system the eligible Irish voter pool eventually managed to secure a British Home Rule law in 1912, Ireland's minority Unionist community formed an illegally armed terrorist movement in 1913 to oppose it. And, equally appalling, British state forces indicated their support by virtue of the Curragh Muntiny in 1914 and the British Government thereafter planned to partition Ireland. Consequently - unlike World War One being a battle between two related imperial royal families to decide which would rule over the homelands of other nations, the 1916 Irish rebellion was morally right and in principle no different to the Free French Forces who fought during WW2 to expel foreign imperial German occupation forces from their homeland?

09: Partition Not Independence In 1918, the voting franchise was extended to accord the majority of Ireland the right to vote. In that election, the majority of the Irish nation made explicit it supported Sinn Féin's 'independent Ireland' mandate. Therefore, our foreign British colonial occupier had no authority to partition Ireland for any reason much less to surrender to threats by our minority Unionist community in Ulster - if say NI's majority Irish Nationalist community across 4 of its 6 counties were to demand re-partition of the NI state presumably Unionists of today would endorse this given their partition demands of 1910-20 plus their re-partition plan of 1994?

10: Dictating Shared Future: When NI Unionists speak of a 'shared future' they mean one wherein their identity and culture continue to dominate the public square but that they no-longer object to expressions of native Irish identity and culture if still hidden away in the backstreets. But, Unionists need to come to terms with the fact that whereas the Palestinians are a nation without a state we native Irish are a nation whose homeland now encompasses two states. We Irish only signed the GFA peace deal on the understanding it was accepted, NI colony is a unique entity and it would undergo the radical changes as outlined in that agreement. Therefore, it's time NI Unionists ceased misrepresenting the differences between a nation a state and/or a nationstate. A state is in of itself a mere shallow territorial entity as denoted by a map and as recognised by an international Treaty. A nation is a group of people who exhibit a meaningfully set of unique characteristics i.e the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh nations each have their own unique heritage, history, language, culture, institutions and customs, plus their own patron saint, flag and anthem etc, whereas the NI Unionist community has none of these... Ask NI Unionists which nation is represented by the embedded Saint Patrick's flag in the UK Union of nations flag they're keen on waving and silence consumes them? Similarly, silence or deflection results from inviting Unionist to concede that the day before partition all-Ireland was one Irish nation and the only change the following day was the Irish in the South gained their freedom from the colonial British parliament in England.

False Cultural War Allegations

11: Blaming Your Victims: Unionist parades and bands have significantly increased but sensing they're going to be obliged to alter their colonial supremacist 'croppies lie down' conduct, they began deflecting attention by falsely alleging there's a "cultural war" against them. However, state data proves Nationalists have objected to only a small but persistent number of (videoed) bigoted anti-Irish, anti-Catholic urban parades, bonfires, soccer and other social events i.e the type of truly evil events British Secretary of State Patrick Mayhew said would shame 'a tribe of cannibals' - on the rare occasions police have intervened to re-route or halt a parade they've been attacked.

The Real Cultural War

12:) Cultural Hatred Transference: Expressions of Irish identity and culture are derided and attacked by NI political and civic Unionist leaders. In fact, one NI Minister and Orangeman absurdly claimed the mere expression of Irish culture in NI was undertaken only to 'cause the cultural humiliation of Unionism', while another DUP Minister supported the Unionist community's annual "tradition" burning of Irish Tricolour flags, plus effigies of the Catholic Pope etc and posters of our elected Irish representatives - the media has a solemn public interest duty to confront NI Unionism's political and civil leaders deceitful efforts to deflect attention from their own bigotry and sectarianism.

12.1) Orangeism's Irish Intolerance: When the main Unionist cultural body opened its flagship ("understanding and reconciliation") museum in Belfast in 2015, it refused to hoist the Irish nation's flag. However, permanently hoisted outside is the officially defunct, terrorist-associated 'Ulster Banner' flag alongside an array of flags of other nations where it has Lodges. Notably, the Orange Order was a) founded in Ireland b) still has Lodges in the South of Ireland (with a southern member reminding it his Irish Tricolour represents "peace between the Orange and the Green" communities), and c) the Orange Order has received millions in funding from the Irish Government. The Irish Tricolour is the central symbol of the Irish nation and it being accepted as such across the world irks NI "British Only" type Unionists; the Tricolour is without controversy carried in abundance on Irish Nation Day (aka St Patrick's Day) across England and many cities around the world. However - due to intolerant NI Unionists complaints about its appearance at Irish nationhood carnivals in Belfast each Saint Patrick's Day, organisers banned main participants from carrying the Tricolour in order to encourage more Unionists to participate in this Irish nationhood event... alas a solitary pedestrian with a Tricolour seems a sufficient excuse for Unionists to continue to absent themselves and call for a revival of their old block on funding this Irish nationhood carnival.

12.2) Unsporting Colonial Sports: The Ireland Rugby team agreed to stop using the Irish nation's national anthem and Tricolour flag during international games, to avoid giving offence to the few NI Unionists who opted to play in our nation's team. By contrast, NI Soccer team insist its Irish Nationalist players must resepect NI's use of the English national anthem and British Union flag. Worse, NI soccer fans endlessly wave masses of defunct 'Protestant Parliament for a Protestant People' Ulster Banner & paratrooper flags etc and sing vile anti-Irish, anti-Catholic and pro-British terror songs at outings.

12.3) Unionist Soccer Foul: NI Unionists politicians 'vigorously oppose' a motion by NI Irish Nationalist's elected representatives to invite to a joint reception in Belfast both the Irish nation's soccer team based in the South and the NI state team in the North, who both qualified for the European Quarter Finals.

12.4) No Pope Your Majesty: NI Unionists raged when the predominantly Catholic Irish Nationalist community proposed the new Pope be invited to Belfast, claiming such was divisive and offensive to the predominantly Protestant Unionist community. This intolerance toward Catholicism is doubtlessly sustained by the fact the UK still defines in law the second-class status of Catholic citizens, given they're barred from being or marrying the UK head of state and that the UK head of state awards only Protestant Bishops free seats in the UK legislature.

12.5) Heroes One-way Respect: Unionists complained, Irish Nationalist representatives were offending them by not attending British war dead commemorations on behalf of all NI state citizens - since the 1990's Nationalists listened and made strides to accommodate the Unionist community. However, Unionists then had the brass neck to continue to shun requests to attend similiar events in Dublin on behalf of NI state's Irish community. And this despite, Irish leaders travelled to events in London and the British Queen then visited Dublin to pay respects to fallen Irish heroes. Furthermore, Irish Republican leaders from the South and North continue to attend commemorations and have even met and shaken hands with the British Queen and Prince Charles (the Commander-In-Chief of the notorious paratroop regiment who shot 37 Irish Civil Rights marchers in Derry in 1972 killing 14 of them).

The Un-British People

13:) Flag Of Convenience: N Ireland is a sectarian cesspit because, those who've dominated it since its inception are permitted to proclaim they "represent the presence of the British in Ireland" while conducting themselves like Ireland's answer to supremacist Afrikaners of a bygone era. As Harold Wilson once rightly said, NI political Unionism are a cabal of 'spongers' with no sense of the values of modern Britain. These disgustingly sectarian people blatantly abuse the cover accorded to them by the UK Union flag. Their version of "Britishness" is devoted to ensuring nothing in the NI state or society depicts the fact this Unionist/Colonialist community live among we the Irish nation on this our island of Ireland homeland!!!

The Irish nation believe that in a truly civilised world all nations must be equal whereas the British state maintain they get to dictate who's equal - Ruaidri Ua Conchobair

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