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Mairia Cahill's Kangaroo Court – Trial By Media

01: Mairia Cahill withdrew from her “day in Court” opportunity, thus she deprived herself of the chance to prosecute those she alleged did her unlawful wrongs. This Complainant pulling out of a Court hearing when, apparently, she seen a new Witness there to supposedly dispute her intended evidence rings massive alarm bells!!!

02: In the months since her aforesaid decision, the highly intelligent and politically astute Ms Cahill has enlisted help from the British media to embark upon her personal Kangaroo Court crusade:

Get Gerry Adams!!!
Get the political leader of the Republican Movement – Get Gerry Adams!!!
Get the Sinn Féin party leader – Get Gerry Adams!!!

02: What 'really' happened between Martin Morris and Mairia Cahill? I don't know, I wasn't there; we're all just speculating (see below). Do you know what 'really' happened? If you can say 'yes' you must have been there... were you? If not, all you're doing is doing what I'm doing: just expressing a mere personal opinion.

03: The time has come to look beyond the "I'm looking-out for all the other victims" smoke and mirror shenanigans of Mairia Cahill, plus bias politicians and bias media outlets. MsCahill was the leader of the Sinn Féin youth wing before she became the Secretary of the anti-GFA dissident Republican Network for Unity (RNU) grouping. Interestingly, Ms Cahill refused to evidence her recent belated assertion that she long ago 'publicly condemned' the April 2011 dissident republican murder of Irish Catholic PSNI Officer Ronan Kerr? In reality, this is a 30-something wily political animal on a personal vendetta who's seeking-out the attention of every political opponent of Sinn Féin North and South of the border, plus all the major northern Unionist enemies of the Good Friday Agreement.

05: During the BBC Spotlight programme aired on 14th October 2014, (accompanied by her Gerry Adams-hating cousin the journalist Eilis O'Hanlon with whom she has interacted on Twitter under the pseudonym @Tarabrown_1 to lambast people and whom now accompanies Ms Cahill on her political campaign trail) Catholic Mairia Cahill spoke about the night she surrendered her virginity to Mr Morris and about thereafter feeling owned by him. Ms Cahill also spoke in some detail about feeling guilt-ridden about her ensuing year-long sexual encounters with this man, her Uncle, and the eventual fracturing of wider family relationships that followed the IRA disclosing these facts within her family circle. During one such segment, Ms Cahill levelled publicly for the first time a particularly obnoxious accusation against Gerry Adams (an accusation which reminded me of Ms Cahill's journalist cousin Eilis O'Hanlon's 13/10/13 outrageous distortion of a harmless poetry quote cited by Gerry Adams on Twitter). In particular, Ms Cahill claimed Gerry Adams once, supposedly, whispered to her in a one-to-one meeting '...sometimes the people who've been abused actually enjoy it' (@32:30mins). However, Gerry Adams promptly and vehemently denied this offensive, hearsay "media hook" accusation. It is thus incumbent upon responsible media professionals to forensically examine this intentionally damaging assertion by the highly intelligent and politically savvy Ms Cahill:

i) When and to which independent party did Ms Cahill initially mention her above accusation against Gerry Adams?
ii) Did Ms Cahill raise this supposed remark by Gerry Adams during her interview(s) with the Sunday Tribune journalist Suzanne Breen, who published an article in 2010 making reference to Ms Cahill having had meetings with Gerry Adams? If not, why not?
iii) Did Ms Cahill raise this supposed remark by Gerry Adams in her detailed Witness Statements to the Police from 2010 onwards? If not, why not?
iv) Did Ms Cahill raise this supposed remark by Gerry Adams during her extensive and extensively recorded counselling sessions from circa 1999 onwards? If yes, precisely when? If not, why not?
v) The BBC Spotlight programme played 1999 Sinn Féin election footage featuring a very obviously intelligent, articulate and politically astute young Ms Cahill (@12:00mins). Surely, that Ms Cahill, the General Secretary of Sinn Féin's youth wing would almost certainly have been familiar with Sinn Féins internal grievance procedures - did she ever seek to access the grievance procedure and if not why not?

Cahill's Kangaroo Court

06: I watched Ms Cahill's appearance on BBC Spotlight on 14th October 2014. I've read and listened to several follow-up items across various media platforms. It's apparent, Ms Cahill is improperly seeking to retry her abandoned Court claims and such is a perversion of due process of law. For instance, in her (swiftly published on Twitter) e-mail reply dated 14/10/14 to the Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary-Lou McDonald who requested contact details to arrange a meeting, Ms Cahill responded as follows:

'I received your Twitter DM. I see no point in receiving contact from you, or answering you further until you [Sinn Féin] are ready to say I am telling the truth on all matters...'

07: The fact Ms Cahill may on occasion deny it during timid media interviews, her primary objective is to attack and try to damage if not destroy the political reputation of Gerry Adams. Why? I suspect, she hopes this would afford her some measure of relief from the inner sense of shame and culpability she expressed during the Spotlight programme; she had a year long "sexual relationship" with the Husband of her young Aunt and that shattered wider family relationships. And those contending Ms Cahill isn't engaged in a witch hunt against Gerry Adams are either dishonest or wilfully blind:

'The time has come where he [Gerry Adams] needs to come out and say yes this was an issue; yes it was wrong; no Maíria Cahill is not a liar and that is the starting point for them...'; see Irish Times article reference Ms Cahill's statement to RTÉ Radio dated 16th October 2014
'If this were any other leader of a political party in Ireland, they would have been shamed into a position of resigning...'RTE Six One News on 17th October 2014
'...If any other politician was “linked” with two [?] stories of [allegedly] covering-up abuse it would be career-ending. Why does Gerry Adams get to play by different rules...'RTÉ Radio on 17th October 2014

08: The other of the 'two' cases Ms Cahill alludes to involved Gerry Adams Brother, Liam Adams, who was convicted of child abuse against his own Daughter (I am not my Brother's keeper springs to mind). The other one was her own withdrawn legal action against her Uncle.

Cahill and Morris

09: During the BBC Spotlight programme exploring Mairia Cahill's various claims, reporter Jennifer O'Leary fleetingly confirmed: 'Mairia Cahill withdrew her allegations before they could be tested in Court' (@ 11:30mins). We will therefore never get to learn the outcome of Ms Cahill's and Martin Morris's differing version' of events being rigorously tested by experienced Barristers. Was this possibly a year-long clandestine sexual relationship between these two people ignited by (what Ms Cahill described as) a "few cans of beer" evening, which ended with seduction by a silver-tongued, musically talented, IRA-powerful type of charmer whom many a 16 year old would likely fancy... it's possible but I don't know, do you? But - if you were to believe Ms Cahill's version of events, you would know that on the night in question a) Ms Cahill didn't say 'no' b) she didn't make any effort to stop sexual contact by her young Uncle c) she didn't make any effort to move away from this her first sexual experience, d) she didn't make any effort to shout to her Aunte who was 20 feet away upstairs, plus - most important of all, e) Ms Cahill continued to return to Mr Morris's home and where she contends she continued to have sex with him during the following year... What we don't know is who stopped those visits to her Aunte's home and why?

Rape Claim Dismissed

10: Mairia Cahill and the bias political figures who've been promoting her legally dismissed allegations must be bluntly asked; do you respect the 'rule of law'? Harsh as it might sound, Ms Cahill's legal claim of alleged rape is now res judicata i.e lawfully decided and hence forever closed as a matter of law (only the Court of Appeal could have set it aside, not a Police or PPS complaint/review process). Consequently - as the rule of law must prevail, no professional media outlet should permit either bias politicians or the Complainant Ms Cahill to ignore or undermine a Judgement of the Court. A Court deemed the Defendants 'not guilty' and thus - importantly, no-longer can the Complainant Mairia Cahill legitimately be described as a 'victim' of a rape crime the Court dismissed due to 'no evidence' adduced by the Complainant.

Republican Movement Investigation

11: During the BBC Spotlight programme, Mairia Cahill was at pains to emphasise that the Republican Movement had a dangerous armed paramilitary wing and that she feels it ought never to have investigated a complaint against one of its members (though the Police would investigate any similar criminal complaint against one of its members). What Ms Cahill has not been at pains to emphasise is, the Republican Movement could have but did not just tell Ms Cahill to shut-up and go away. Instead - according to Ms Cahill's own words, it seems PIRA thoroughly investigated her rape allegation over a time-consuming period of 'months'.

12: Ms Cahill further complained, the Republican Movement required her to confront the Uncle she was accusing of a heinous crime said to have occurred only during her year-long voluntary visits to her cousins home. But, the British Courts would have accorded the accused the same fundamental right to confront his accuser and to probe her on such points. What Ms Cahill says about that confrontation is pure hearsay. But, it's important to note, she subsequently refused to permit the accused a chance to cross-examine her version of events before a Court of law.

13: Since airing of the BBC Spotlight programme, we've learnt from Defence Solicitor Peter Madden that court documents exist to prove that back in 1999 Mairia Cahill wrote to the IRA investigators setting-out her allegations against her Uncle and further that Ms Cahill wrote to the Army Council of PIRA not least stating 'I also want to make it clear, the army's intentions were honourable with regards to the two women [investigators] who dealt with me'. In point of fact, Mairia Cahill in a private undated letter to Briege Wright further stated not least the following:-

'I thought I’d write you a wee note to go with the card. You know me Breige, sometimes I try to say stuff and it comes out the wrong way...
you are never going to know how much you have helped me - through all of the shite that went on years ago, and in the aftermath, and again recently...
I might get angry and snap, but that anger is not directed at you – I’m angry at myself and at other people that I cant get at...
You mean the world to me, you are kind, compassionate, committed, and above all, you gave me an ear when I needed it – even though I know I put your head away. I think if I had been in your shoes I would have told me to fuck off a long time ago – but I am so glad that you didn’t. I would not be here now if it wasn’t for you, and I think that deep down you know that.
...I am really going to try and piece my head, and my life back together, even though at the minute it seems next to impossible. I just feel helpless at the minute... say a prayer that nothing else will happen to me in the meantime. I seem to have a knack of attracting trouble.
Anyway, this started off as a wee note and has turned into a book! I definately [sic] have too much time on my hands at the minute. You take care of yourself and don’t work yourself into the ground.
You have a gift of helping other people out, and it really is a gift but don’t lose yourself to it on the way help yourself out first. Please stay in contact with me – your phonecalls have been great over the last two weeks, they have really helped, but even send a wee text now and again to let me know how you are getting on.
I’m signing off now, thanks a million Breige for helping me just by being you.'

Investigation Motive

14: During the BBC Spotlight programme it was stated, the Republican Movement's female complaint investigator Briege Wright explained to Ms Cahill: 'we're here to investigate... we can't be seen to have abusers in our need to tell us what happened' (@16:15mins).

Investigation Conclusion

15: The BBC Spotlight reporter recounted what Ms Cahill told her about the final complaint interview with the Republican Movement: '...Mairia Cahill says the IRA investigators told her, they did not know who to believe. The IRA then decided to tell her parents about their investigation...' (@24:00). This conclusion back in 1999 is unsurprising for a number of reasons, and not least that we know rape convictions are extremely low within Courts and there are some two false rape claims a month. Additionally, if what Ms Cahill told Spotlight in 2014 was what she told the Republican Movement in 1999 then it's unsurprising they couldn't reach a definitive conclusion. For instance, Ms Cahill has alleged she was groomed by her Uncle and in support of this contended 'the initial [move IRA] gun[s] conversation I believe now... done... because it then put that firmly in my head that this person had access to weaponry... so then it stopped me from disclosing to anybody when the [subsequent] abuse was taking place' (@08:00 onwards). However, speaking of earlier times Ms Cahill told Spotlight 'He would have been a very prominent Republican. I knew what Martin Morris's role was within the IRA in the upper Springfield. He spoke about it himself with me on numerous occasions...' (@07:00).

16: Given the above and Ms Cahill further confirming; 'IRA told me they can not do anything unless I'm prepared to give them further evidence' (@25:30), it's particularly odd that in 2014 Ms Cahill now asks us to believe that her now dead IRA Volunteer Aunt Siobhan O’Hanlon supposedly told her that the IRA were willing to shot Mr Morris if that's what Ms Cahill wanted (@29:00).

Justice - Mairia Cahill style

17: In 2014 Mairia Cahill angrily contended in the BBC Spotlight programme that back in 1999 when she was an 18 year-old adult she didn't want to be involved in what she described as the Republican Movement's "Kangaroo Court" investigation. However - referring to the outcome she sought from that process, she informed the Sunday Tribune in January 2010: “...I never wanted M killed. I wanted him tied to railings in Ballymurphy with a placard around his neck saying he was a rapist.” - citizens throughout the island of Ireland will know this type of IRA punishment invariably involved the offender first being either shot in the knee-caps or severely beaten with iron bars, having their entire head shaved, covered in tar and feathers and then a 'rapist' placard pinned to them. Does this sound like someone interested in the due process of law?

Cahill The Dissident

18: Suspiciously, Mairia Cahill and the BBC Spotlight reporter avoided ever disclosing the vitally important public interest fact that Ms Cahill left Sinn Féin to join the senior ranks of the anti-police dissident republican group RNU. Instead, the BBC reporter deceptively only advised that when in late 1999 Mairia Cahill's parents raised the issue of lodging a complaint with the then RUC Police force; 'Mairia Cahill was still politically opposed to the RUC... and not ready to go to the RUC (@25:00). Of course, this attitude was once commonplace within the Republican community but was gradually diminishing since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. Except, that is, within the anti-GFA Republican group with whom Ms Cahill involved herself with after Sinn Féin signed-up to a new policing era; Republican Network Unity (RNU) do not recognise the authority of Dáil Éireann and/or Stormont plus 'do not accept the legitimacy of An Garda Síochána or the RUC/PSNI'. Furthermore, Ulster Unionist Party leader Mike Nesbitt recently stated on Twitter that in 2008 Mairia Cahill made clear to him 'she didn't wish to waive her right to anonymity at that time and didn't want me to approach the police...'

Republican Movement Personal Apology

19: Mairia Cahill confirmed to BBC Spotlight, she received a personal apology from the Republican Movement via its main interviewer Briege Wright. It was apparently then acknowledged by the Republican Movement that Ms Cahill had likely become traumatised by its investigation (@37:30). However, importantly, it's worth noting that Ms Cahill's Counsellor advised BBC Spotlight that Mairia Cahill felt she had been re-traumatised during subsequent Police interrogations (@45:15). In other words, Ms Cahill would likely have been become distressed no-matter who questioned her about her year-long alleged relationship with Martin Morris.


20: I don't 'know' - and you don't know, what transpired between Mairia Cahill and her Uncle Martin Morris and I'm unsurprised that in 1999 the Republican Movement struggled to come to a definitive conclusion. However, I sense that the Mairia Cahill of 2014 has very probably experienced severe distress but the precise cause of which remains in dispute. Therefore, I caution readers to remain mindful of the fact that their and my opinions, observations and hypothesis do NOT constitute facts nor proof. I've heard terms such as 'groomed/grooming' and 'raped/abused' from Ms Cahill and/or her Father plus others supportive of her, notwithstanding a Court's 'not guilty' verdict in her case. In summary, I've heard terms such as seduction of a highly intelligent, well-balanced and close-family grounded 16 year-old UK citizen legally entitled to have sexual relations (in England, Wales and Scotland), enthralled with her charming drinking buddy but it all went sour after a year, and thereafter she didn't expect the IRA to find-out and react as they did to her woman scorned "he used me" type whispers to female friends, etc, etc.... all speculation, speculation, speculation!!! But, what is the 'actual' truth?

Truth & Justice Day

21: Can a civilised society permit an alleged victim to demand more of it than counselling and 'their day in court' to let justice be done? In this context - and particulaly given Mairia Cahill decided to withdraw her claims before the court, she must be asked to fully explain; who initiated contact between her and BBC Spotlight, when and why?

22: On 14th April 2014, the court in Belfast convened to arrange the first of three trials to hear Ms Cahill's various allegations against five others. The initial trial was to consider Ms Cahill's allegation that Mr Morris was a member of the Provisional IRA - the second would consider Ms Cahill's claim that as a member of PIRA he grooomed and then sexually abused her for a year (Ms Cahill was not legally entitled to state in a court she was allegedly groomed by a member of PIRA before a court ruled that person was a proven member of PIRA). During the hearing the court was asked to consider a preliminary point concerning a recent claim by Ms Cahill that Mr Morris 'intentionally waited for her coming out of the lift' inside the court foyer. In response, Mr Morris's Solicitor advised he would want access to the court building CCTV footage to test the veracity of Ms Cahill's aforesaid claim. However, after a brief recess, the Prosecution Service on behalf of Ms Cahill returned to the Court to advise 'no evidence' was now being offered against her Uncle and the other four Defendants. The judge therefore entered 'not guilty' verdicts against Mr Morris and the four others charged on the basis of Ms Cahill's now withdrawn evidence... though now with the assistance of the BBC and latterly other media outlets Ms Cahill has convened her own Kangaroo Court and is engaged in something perversely beyond the witch hunt antics of 'guilty until proven innocent' as once described by her own journalist cousin Eilis O'Hanlon.

"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst" - Aristotle

Institutional Sexual Abuse

23: We know now, the evil of sexual abuse infected all spheres of Irish, British and other societies. We know, there has been endemic sexual abuse within the Catholic and Protestant faiths, the BBC and even abuse within the Orange Order. We know there has been hundreds of sexual abuse cases within the British army who retained 20 abusers still on the Sex Offenders Register. We know, there were sex abusers in the locally recuited RUC Police and UDR soldiers, plus UVF and UDA paramilitary groups. We've all heard of the Kincora child sex abuse scandal said to involve political figures and British security services, and allegedly covered-up by the founding leader of the DUP party. We know, both the TUV party and the SDLP party have had paedophiles within their ranks. It is therefore hardly credible to refuse to believe sexual abusers likely existed within the ranks of the IRA. But, all that said, we can not overlook that Mairia Cahill abandoned her "day in Court" opportunity and for reasons the media have avoided adequately probing with her - what is 'the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth'...?

24: In closing, I must say that the mere thought the Irish Republican Movement might have done an injustice to any 'real' victim of sexual abuse sickens me to the core of my soul. If Mairia Cahill was such a victim then they, the British state Police force and judicial system should all hang their heads in shame. And whilst leaving aside the above and other many inconsistancies and holes I can identify in her claims, I truly hope that Ms Cahill (aka Twitter Troll @Tarabrown_1) learns to better channel her emotions and intellect away from negative political trolling and toward purely positive endeavours and along the way finds peace of mind and happiness. In the meantime, Ms Cahill can not be allowed to forget she came to us the public and invited us to consider her withdrawn and legally dismissed claims and we the public have since exercised our free speech right to probe the various claims, accusations and opinions she continues to promote in the public domain. Furthermore, if Mairia Cahill persists with impugning the unappealed 'not guilty' verdicts of a court of law then the media who purport to act in the public interest are thus obliged to robustly probe her on the above serious points and questions.


N.B. I am not and have never been a member of any political party, but I am an Irish Republican and hence writing the above was a particularly uncomfortable necessity.


  1. I only have respect for this Woman who has come forward and hopefully along the way will help other RAPE VICTIMS to come forward with their own horrific abuse they have been subjected too. No matter what way Ms Cahill wants to channel her emotions in confronting the hidden evil, right thinking people are right behind you.

  2. Edwina, your comment ignores a) a Judge dismissed the alleged rape and other charges, and did so due to b) the Complainant walking away from the Court on the very day she spotted a new Witness whom she knew was there specifically to refute her proposed evidence?

  3. The 4 members of the Republican Movement against whom Mairia Cahill levelled allegations of mistreatment and cover-up have today released a detailed rebuttal statement via their Solicitor

  4. Somewhat ironic to hear a Republican setting such store by the decision of a British court! Who was the so-called witness who would have refuted Mairia's Cahill's evidence so convincingly and what were they going to say? I agree only two people know exactly what happened but I believe something clearly did or she would not have put herself in the firing line of innuendo and abuse which has inevitably followed her revelations.

    1. I'm "setting store" [sic] in her not being prepared to be robustly cross-examined under oath; its irrelevant to me whether that was to be an Irish or British Court.

  5. Disgusting, vicious, sexist innuendo from a anonymous coward

    1. I hope, you aren't expecting me to thank you for that pointless contribution. Try to focus on the issues I raised, or stop wasting your time and mine.

    2. Human rights, in this case women's rights, and your snide attempt to assassinate the character of a woman of integrity, are the issues

  6. if she had gone into court she would have had to face her boyfriend/abuser so whats the big deal having to confront him when she did

  7. That's an asinine comment. The circumstances in which she found herself with these thugs was in itself unimaginably abusive. Now the bastards are trying to make her relive it by suggesting her story isn't true. It's obscene. But we're used to that.

    1. No-one dragged Ms Cahill into the public domain, and she has invited comment by her accusations not just against her alleged rapist but against others - do you or don't you respect my right to free speech or does it only apply to the version of events you support?

    2. tomos I think your comments need rather than deserve a reply. was ms cahill in a clandestine relationship with the abuser.did she cry wolf only when he decided to finish their relationship. now I cannot answer these 2 queries and I suspect neither can you, but I fail to understand why peter robinson, enda Kenny Michael martin Vincent Kenny rte tv3 and all the other gutter press who have made headline stories over this issue DID NOT ASK HER the hard questions, your reference to thugs really is asinine because these so called thugs were comrades of ms cahills until 2006 when she left SINN FEIN over the policing policy.maybe you could ask her which party/paramilitary grouping she then aligned herself to.

  8. Your right to free speech doesn't include the right to try to blacken someone else's name or make false accusations against them. But no-one outside your nasty little clique believes you anyway; Mary Lou McDonald's reaction speaks for itself. You are obviously not only a nasty piece of work, but a twisted one as well

    1. I have just left a comment on this page. I am not a member of any, as you say, nasty little clique, nor do I support ANY political party, nor am I a member of one or friends with any of its members. Surely, you can understand that one is entitled to an opinion? As a member of the public, it would be difficult to have escaped the coverage about Mairia Cahill. We are unwitting pawns (those who read papers or watch television). If we weren't of any interest or use, Mairia Cahill would not have bothered using the media to make her case.

      So, now that we are involved, we also have the right to express our opinions. Rape and sexual abuse, particularly when it concerns a minor is abominable, and unquestionably evil. It is also a scourge in and among our and most communities. We are in the midst of uncovering more and more institutionalised child abuse, abuse which has occurred (and been covered up) at the highest levels.

      If Mairia Cahill has proof, new evidence that she was sexually abused she should present that evidence now. I am sure the police are waiting for her call.

  9. I support the blogger's right to free speech. I also am thankful to see someone else questioning this story.

    I believe there is more to Mairia Cahill's story than we know, or rather there are questions which have not been answered. They need to be answered. Mairia Cahill knew fully that her assertions and accusations would ensue in political backlash from Sinn Fein and others. She does not seem the kind of woman who is backward at coming forward or a shrinking violet where playing the media is concerned. I would like to know what compelled her to re-open this pandora's box. What new information does she have? If she has any, it would be interesting to hear it. Otherwise her story is simply her word against the word of others. Surely she didn't expect Sinn Fein et al to lie down and admit that the allegations she has made were true. She must have expected a fight.

    The whole thing just doesn't add up. I expect it will be over by next week when the media loses interest. Her desire for justice seems more directed at Gerry Adams, than it does the alleged rapist. No amount of words from Gerry Adams et al can remove the horror of rape.

    If Mr Adams apologises then what? The alleged rapist, according to Mairia Cahill is still free. Mairia has the courage to withstand the scrutiny of the media. She has the courage to name those she alleges had intimidated her before.

    Why do they not intimidate her now? What changed? What were the factor(s) which strengthened her and when did that happen and why? Meanwhile politicians are having a field day bottom feeding off the story as is the media.

    I do hope Mairia finds the justice she seeks. I hope she is also able to shuffle off those who may be hangers on to her and her story for their own personal gain. But, the whole thing doesn't add up and I smell a rat, something just isn't right. I'm not saying Mairia Cahill is embellishing her story or lying about her story. There is something wrong with it though.

  10. Very obviously something wrong with this!