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Orange Order - myths lies distortions ignorance & misunderstandings

01: A lot of myths, distortions, lies, ignorance and misunderstandings surround the Orange Order and most of which has been perpetuated by itself.

02: The Orange Order was created to coordinate the political acts of often murderous oppression and suppression of land purchasing native Irish Catholics in Armagh and to more generally glorify British militarism and colonialism in Ireland. To disguise this truth, the Orange Order promotes the myth it was formed in 1798 to celebrate the 1690 battle of the Boyne. In particular, it contends it exists to celebrate a battle which purportedly secured religious liberty and equality of citizenship for all, and overthrew an absolute monarch. However, if this were true, why does it deny membership to Irish Catholics who agree with those purported noble 1690 achievements? In reality, it can't escape that it thereafter opposed the 1829 Catholic Emancipation Act for Ireland? Furthermore, its denial that its raison d'etre was to help maintain British State colonial rule over Ireland is easily rebuffed. Namely, if it were just some innocuous, apolitical Protestant fraternity, why create an entry oath requiring a member to pledge allegiance to a British State and British monarch - its manifestly political oath de-facto bars membership to every British and Irish committed Protestant republican?

Terrorist Roots & Members

03: The Orange Order was founded in 1795 by murdering sectarian terrorists Dan Winter and James Sloan. Throughout its history, the Orange Order has been responsible for the murder of hundreds of Irish citizens, including not least 8 at its first parade and up to 80 at Dollys Brae.

04: After the Orange Order was first banned due to its hate-spewing murderous parades, it became more devious about its involvement in terrorism. However, we know from a letter by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland issued to all lodges in November 1910, it was involved in forming the original UVF terrorist gang announced in 1913. Also, we now know for a fact Orange Order halls were being used to store 1913 UVF terrorist weapons. Plus, the modern ranks of the Orange Order are undeniably littered with the names of Leaders and Volunteers of the re-organised UVF terrorist gang of the 1960's to the present day. Furthermore - under the protection of our RUC British colonial police force, the Orange Order's so-called religious and cultural Orange Halls were being used to store terrorist equipment and organise sectarian attacks. Add to all these facts, the purportedly "religious and cultural" Orange Order used its halls and parades to honour and glorify dead terrorists (see images below).

05: The Orange Order seeking to portray itself as some benign Protestant faith and cultural fraternity is patently a boldfaced lie. In truth, at its core it's a highly political, secret Oath-based British colonial organisation which infiltrated the highest positions in Government. In truth, it uses the guise of supposed religious processions and band parading as tools to garner and manifest its archaic and supremacist colonialist ideology.

British Royal Commission

06: INTRODUCTION II: '...Reports of the Royal Commissions of Enquiry into the disturbances at Belfast in 1857, in 1864, and 1886, where the same tale of barbarous intolerance is told by many witnesses, chiefly Protestant. From such official reports and from dozens of eminent non-Catholic writers the Orange Society is condemned as no existing organisation we know of has been condemned.'

Orangeman's Qualifications and Oath

07: The imperial political and supremacist motivations underlying the Orange Order's anti native Irish (Catholic) ethos is exposed in its original membership entrance qualifications and its Oath:-

Qualifications Of An Orangeman: 'An Orangeman should... strenuously oppose the fatal errors and doctrines of the Church of Rome, and... scrupulously avoid countenancing (by his presence or otherwise) any act or ceremony of Popish worship... resist the ascendancy of that Church, its encroachments, and the extension of its power,... diligently train up his offspring, and all under his control, in the fear of God, and in the Protestant faith... [and] the honour of his Sovereign...'

Oath Of An Orangeman: 'I...... do so solemnly and voluntarily declare, that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty the King; and that I will to the utmost of my power support and maintain the laws and constitution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, as established by William the Third of glorious memory, and the succession to the throne in his Majesty's illustrious House, being Protestant. 'I do declare that I am not, nor ever was, a Roman-Catholic or Papist; that I was not, am not, or ever will be, a member of the society called "United Irishmen“ nor any other society or body of men, who are enemies to his Majesty, or the glorious constitution of these realms; and that I never took the oath to that or any other treasonable society...'
Grand Orange Lodge: In 1828 the Grand Orange Lodge Secretary Henry Maxwell M.P gave a long-winded address concerning opposition to the impending Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829, wherein he confirmed the political roots of the Orange Order: '… In the present era, our religion is menaced by the attacks of Popery and Infidelity, while our [Empire's] Constitution is assailed by faction and sedition. Against this double [political and religious] danger the Orange Institution was formed...'
The Orange Battle-cry: 'We’ll fight to the last in the honest old cause, And guard our religion, our freedom and laws. We’ll fight for our country, our king and his crown, And make all the traitors and croppies lie down'... (the so-called 'traitors' being free-thinking Presbyterians and the 'croppies' being native Irish Catholics).

Formation Of Orange Order

08: Contrary to popular myth, the formation of the Orange Order in September 1795 had nothing to do with the 105 years earlier Battle Of The Boyne on 01st July 1690; this event is now celebrated every year on the 12th of July as the res en detre of the Orange Order even though the pinnacle of the Williamite War was actually the following year on 12th July 1691 at the bloody battle of Aughrim.

09: This pseudo-religious fraternity was in truth initially formed by murdering terrorists Dan Winter, James Wilson and James Sloan when Irish 'Catholic Defenders' started to counter attacks by these British Colonist Protestant Peep O'Day Boys in Loughall, Armagh. This spate of sectarian attacks began because working-class Protestants were enraged that relaxation of anti-Catholic popery/penal laws meant native Irish Catholics could now purchase land in their own homeland – the fact native Irish were prepared to pay high prices for land was perceived to amount to “pushing out” English and Scottish Protestants planted in Ulster by the occupying British Crown.

10: Within weeks of being formed by local working-class Protestants, the Orange Order was being directed by Protestant gentry such as the Blacker, Verner and other families. Within 2 years, the gentry transformed the Orange Order into a sophisticated multi-layered (Orange, Purple and Black) national fraternity virtually identical to that of Free Masons. These politically astute upper-class Protestants would have been very mindful of the changing political climate of this period; 1791 the English Crown passed the Roman Catholic Relief Act; 1792 the Crown outlawed the United Irishmen (mostly independent-thinking liberal Presbyterians) and; by the formation of the Orange Order in 1795 the United Irishmen had joined forces with the Catholic Defenders and were not least circulating pamphlets demanding equal citizen rights for the majority native Irish Catholic population.

11: Referring to the ongoing strife in Ireland during this period the then Governor of Armagh, Lord Gosford observed of the local Protestant gang known as the 'Peep o’ Day Boys':

...they ...'were a “low set of fellows who with guns and bayonets, and other weapons break open the houses of the Roman Catholics, and as I am informed treated many of them with cruelty”. Some Protestant gentry gave weapons to Catholics so that they could defend themselves. Soon, however, guns were also being given out to the “Protestant Boys” to defend them from attacks by Catholics...'

British Imperial Manipulation

12: In June 1798, the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, John FitzGibbon wrote to the English Privy Council stating "In the North nothing will keep the [Protestant] rebels quiet but the conviction that where treason has broken out the rebellion is merely popish [Catholics]". This strongly indicates, the British state made efforts to dupe free-thinking Presbyterians into not rising in rebellion to secure their right to self-determination as part of a free Irish nation...

13: In a letter to British General Lake in 1797, Brigadier-General C.E. Knox (who was responsible for the all-Ireland 9 county province of Ulster) stated "I have arranged... to increase the animosity between the Orangemen and the United Irishmen... Upon that animosity depends the safety of the centre counties of the North.”

14: In his History of Ireland Vol I (published 1809) historian Francis Plowden refers to the period immediately preceding formation of the Orange Order in September 1795. In particular, he outlined events that followed a rabble-rousing sermon by an Anglican Preacher at the state church in Drumcree, Armagh in July 1795 on the 1690 Battle at the Boyne:

Anglican 'Reverend Devine so worked up the minds of his audience, that upon retiring from service, on the different roads leading to their respective homes, they gave full scope to the anti-papistical zeal, with which he had inspired them... falling upon every Catholic they met, beating and bruising them without provocation or distinction, breaking the doors and windows of their houses, and actually murdering two unoffending Catholics in a bog. This unprovoked atrocity by the Protestants revived and redoubled religious rancour. The flame spread and threatened a contest of extermination...'

Religious Freedoms and Civil Liberties

15: Contrary to the myths peddled by the Orange Order, their formation had nothing to do with the Williamite land-grab war between European monarchs nor any legitimate defence of “religious freedoms and civil liberties for all” - before and after this supposed revolution Presbyterians were religiously discriminated against by the State's Anglican (Protestant) church. The plain truth is, the Orange Order formed primarily to preserve the illegitimate minority Protestant-elite class colonisers domination of the dispossessed and subjugated majority native Irish (Catholic) population and further to neutralize the growing free-thinking nature of Presbyterians.

16: The Orange Order mendaciously avoids teaching its followers vitally important historical facts. Firstly, Protestant King William of The Netherlands was supported in his war against England's Catholic King James by a) his own brigade of elite Dutch Catholic troops b) finances from Roman Catholic Pope Alexander VIII. Secondly, following his decisive 'battle of Aughrim' of 12th July 1691, King William agreed the 1691 Treaty Of Limerick which granted native Irish Catholics religious freedom. However, just four years later, the Orange Order campaigned in support of the British Protestant dominated parliament proceeding to enact additional draconian Penal Laws against the native Irish Catholic majority in Ireland i.e the 1695 Foreign Education Act not only banned the Irish language but further prevented Catholic Priests being ordained abroad and further denied native Irish Catholics receiving an education abroad.

Unchristian Orangemen

17: It's time members of the pernicious Orange Order were robustly obliged to acknowledge its terrorist origins and accept that it has been at the forefront of the British Unionist/Colonialist opposition to each and every measure intended to afford native Irish Catholics equal citizenship. In fact, it continues to engage in similar unchristian conduct e.g:-

i) It opposed relaxation and abolition of various Penal Laws described by Edmund Burke as "a machine of wise and elaborate contrivance, as well fitted for the oppression, impoverishment and degradation of a people, and the debasement in them of human nature itself, as ever proceeded from the perverted ingenuity of man."
ii) it opposed abolition of alterations to the 1613 constituencies of the Irish House of Commons which gave a false majority to the minority settler community planted in Ireland by a foreign English monarch;
iii) it opposed abolition of the state Anglican church tithes levied against Catholics who refused to convert to protestantism;
iv) it opposed ordination of Catholic priests;
v) it opposed Catholics being allowed to own property, buy land, educate their children, hold jobs in any profession such as the army, the law and all public office roles;
vi) it opposed allowing Catholics to sit on juries;
vii) it opposed Catholics being allowed to take a seat in parliament;
viii) it opposed Catholics being given a right to vote;
ix) it supported the Protestant parliaments punitive 1695 Foreign Education Act banning the indigenous Irish/Gaeilge language and barring Catholic priests being ordained in Rome and Catholics being educated abroad;
xi) it still opposes the Monarch of the United Kingdom being a Catholic or marrying a Catholic;
xii) it opposed the 1800 Act of Union as it preferred a parliament in Ireland gerrymandered to ensure dominance by the British Unionist/Colonialist minority;
xiii) it opposed the 1829 Catholic Emancipation Act allowing Catholics to take seats in parliament etc;
xiv) it opposed the Irish nations 'Home Rule' Bills of 1886, 1893 and 1914 (1920), as it didn't want a new, single democratic parliament in Ireland;
xv) it continued to oppose every major power-sharing peace deal even after the undemocratic creation of a 'Protestant parliament for a Protestant people' in the Northern Ireland statelet was craved from 6 of the 9 counties of the all-Ireland province of Ulster, not least including:
05th October 1968, the Loyal Order led a counter-protest march to disrupt a genuine Civil Rights march by Irish Catholics seeking equal citizenship rights - this incident triggered a 30 year murderous conflict;
xvi) it opposed the 1973 Sunningdale power-sharing agreement;
xvii) it opposed the 1985 Anglo-Irish peace agreement, and;
xviii) it opposed the 1998 Belfast Agreement aka the Good Friday Agreement - this incorporated future enactment of a citizens Bill of Rights which its members in local government have stalled for 16 years todate.
xix) it opposes enactment of an Irish language Act despite this forms part of the 1998 peace agreement, and notwithstanding the UK already provides a Scottish language Act and a Welsh language Act.
xx)In 2003 the Orange Order stood accused of setting-up a company to ensure Protestant owned land remained in Protestant ownership i.e could not be bought by Catholics.
xxi) In 2014 the Orange Order member of government responsible for state housing is being investigated by the Equality Commission for alleged 'major housing programmes' discrimination against Catholics.

A Disloyal Orange Order

18: The Orange Order may have a great many decent members but at its core its a cabal of Unionist colonial supremacist bigots and the fake, self-serving loyalty it professes for the British monarchy and the British Government is easily exposed e.g:-

British Sovereign King James - Unionists led by the Orange Order annually celebrate the de-throwning of their British monarch by a foreign Dutch King partly financed by the foreign leader of Rome;
Dishonoured King William - The Orange Order disregarded King William's 1691 Treaty of Limerick and supported the Protestant Parliaments punitive 1695 Foreign Education Act banning the Irish language and barring Catholic Priests being ordained in Rome plus Catholics obtaining an education in any other country;
Orange Usurpers - In 1835 the Orange Order conspired against Protestant Princess Victoria to usurp her succession to the UK thrown by replacing her with their Orangeman the Duke Of Cumberland;
Orange Insurrectionists - In November 1910 the Grand Orange Lodge issued a warrant to Lodges reference taking 'active steps' to oppose the impending Home Rule Bill. Thereafter, it began recruitment and training then procurement processes. By 1913, this culminated in the Unionist minority in Ireland illegally arming and threatening the UK parliament with a terrorist, bloody insurrection;
Anti-British Orange Traitors - In 1989 Orangeman Noel Little was arrested in France selling Britain's secret Javelin surface-to-air missiles to the white supremacist South African Apartheid regime in exchange for weapons for the 'Ulster Resistance' terrorist group set-up by Unionist politicians many of whom were members of the Loyal Orders.

Orange Foot-soldiers

19: The Protestant gentry shaped the Orange Order into a tool to manipulate and distract ordinary working-class Protestants and mould them into their unwitting foot-soldiers.
The naive and otherwise gullible were drip-fed a distorted version of Protestantism and nurtured on an utterly worthless 'we are the people' sense of superiority over their disenfranchised Catholic neighbours whom were powerless to halt the triumphalist, abusive and threatening parades portrayed as the rightful religious and cultural practices of a "special" Protestant people.

20: Finally - and possibly most important of all - if you are a member of the Loyal Orders but claim to first and foremost be true to the Protestant faith then you must confront the reality that you belong to an organisation borne from terrorist sectarian murder and bigotry which remains a cancerous blight on society. Consider the testimonies of members who've resigned from the Loyal Orders and consider the questions posed to you by a former Loyal Order member... then stop making excuses!!!


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  1. And the spouse can of course convert

  2. And of course the same rules are written into law regarding the Royal family - spouses could convert to Anglicans or the Royal could step down.

  3. You talk of supremacist Protestant ascendency - but UK law makes clear it was written such re monarchy etc because of experience under Roman Catholic rule where Protestants wete burned as hetetics.

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  5. Winston Churchill on the US Declaration of Independence : "The Declaration was in the main a restatement of the principles which had animated the Whig struggle against the later Stuarts and the English Revolution of 1688."

  6. Home Rule was opposed because it was Rome rule - aptly stated by Irish Prime minister Eamonn DE Valera when he said Ireland was a Catholic country (which precipitated the oft quoted response from the NI PM)

    1. There is no denying Ireland was and remains a predominantly Roman Catholic faith country? And given the sustained attacks on Catholicism in Ireland by your foreign Monarchs its unsurprising De Valera felt a need to assert that simple statement of fact.

  7. Kilsally, stop spamming with needlessly lengthy cut and pastes from other locations. Instead, state your point(s) and provide a link(s) to any supporting material. If your persist is this activity, I shall feel obliged to hit the delete and block buttons.

  8. Interesting read, there can be no denying that the 1798 Rebellion frightened the ruling 'elite' into fostering divisions among the ordinary folk of Ireland. To this day the media in the UK stress the 'Religious' nature of the historical struggle in Ireland without ever admitting that it is at heart a colonial issue. Policies of successive UK governments have created a divided and broken society and it may take decades to heal. Loyalism, that illegitimate child of imperialism, may face a crisis in the years ahead when the RC population of the six counties is the majority. What price democracy then?

  9. for anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge of the orange order and its cancerous impact on Irish life just read this article its very very enlightening, it will also give some understanding what the Irish catholic /nationalist/ republican people who live in the north eastern 6 counties of Ireland are subjected to on a daily basis it will also give an insight as to why every generation of nationalists rise in opposition to this orange state supported by the British government and its army of security forces in conjunction with loyalist terror groups to the extent that it formed a battalion in the British army called the ulster defence regiment

  10. The posts that I've read on your blog so far have been quite informative. I'm an American of partial Irish Protestant descent from North Antrim, the Glens area specifically. I suppose it comes down to me being 5-generations removed from the Island, but ask anyone in the Irish-American branch of my family, and they'd never go for this Scots-Irish, Ulster whatever foolishness. We're Irish, always have been always will be. It does, as you wrote in this particular post, seem that the British elite manipulated the working-class Protestant population to do their dirty-work for them and help form terrorist organizations that would achieve the aim of tearing asunder populations that might've been able to live side-by-side if perhaps not for outside influence. The British elite are experts at that. Also being half-black, a population destroyed by slavery, I'm no fan of their destructive policies designed to decimate certain populations.