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Ulster Stands At The Crossroads - stop aiding and abetting injustices

01: It's often contended the start point of the violent conflict that erupted in the British colony of Northern Ireland known as "the troubles" was the vicious attack on an Irish Nationalist civil rights march in Derry on the 05th October 1968. However, that was not actually the first such attack against the civil rights movement by NI British Unionist fascist gangs who were often led in counter-protests by extremists such as the Rev. Ian Paisley.

02: On 05th November 1968, Jack Sayers the Editor of Northern Ireland's (then) biggest selling newspaper the Belfast Telegraph warned:

'The threat to Northern Ireland’s future is not Mr Wilson or Mr Lynch or the IRA or even Nationalism. It comes from Protestant Ulstermen who will not allow themselves to be liberated from the delusion that every Roman Catholic is their enemy'.

03: On 09th December 1968, Northern Ireland's Prime Minister Terence O'Neill issued a simultaneous, multi-channel televised appeal to the entire Unionist community in his now famous 'Ulster Stands At The Crossroads' speech warning of impending doom:

04: Of course the Nationalist community can't claim saint status in our tragic past but, the reality is "the troubles" were started in 1968 by British Unionists. In addition to attacking Irish Nationalist civil rights marches led by Ivan Cooper (a rare Protestant advocate of civil rights), it was Unionists who exploded the first bombs; murdered the first serving soldier Royal Marine Hugh McCabe; murdered the first RUC Officer Victor Arbuckle; murdered the first civilian Samuel Devenny in his home, and; nine year old Patrick Rooney was the first child murdered shot dead in his bedroom by Unionist gunmen some of whom were wearing B Special militia uniforms; it was Unionists who began a pogrom burning 1,500 plus Irish Catholics out of their homes in the Falls (Bombay Street) district of Belfast in August 1969... the rest is history.

05: The entire Unionist electorate can not escape the terrible truth, your community made the decision to ignore various pleas to support your NI Prime Minister Terence O'Neill (English born and raised and thus not entirely in the thrall of Orangeism) in his efforts to ensure the NI Government afforded justice and equality to all citizens. It's a matter of public record that as a consequence of his proposed equality measures UVF terrorists issued a threat on 21th May 1966 warning of 'extreme measures' adding '...we solemnly warn the authorities to make no more speeches of appeasement. We are heavily armed Protestants dedicated to this cause'. To be frank, you can't escape responsibility for repeatedly electing the same bigoted politicians whom on your behalf openly provoked and/or acquiesced in the escalating attacks and suppression against Irish Nationalists seeking basic civil rights and thereby you implicitly aided and abetted in triggering the mayhem and suffering our society endured for over 3 decades.

06: British Unionists who seek to deflect from the above living-memory events by referring to events preceding the creation of their bigoted NI colony should be mindful the rules of natural justice are weighted against them - their 'British heritage' in Ireland began with foreign British forces occupying Ireland and by theft, murder, starvation, deportation, economic and religious persecution it decimated half of Ireland's former 8+ million population?

07: Focusing on living-memory events, let us proceed to what precipitated creation of a gerrymandered Northern Ireland statelet and what significant grievance issues thereafter arose within it:

1912 Ulster Covenant - A half a million Unionists rallied to sign a treasonous Covenant, illegally imported guns from Germany, publicly paraded with them and threatened the British Parliament with terrorist acts of insurrection and bloodshed if it acceded to the democratic will of the majority of the Irish nation who sought self-rule (aka Home Rule).
1918 all-Ireland election - Further to the Irish nation being forced into a "UK Union of 4 nations" by the undemocratic 1800 Act of Union, Sinn Féin won over 75% of the vote across Ireland on a mandate for independence. Then, the Unionist minority of Ulster demanded the Irish nation in our native homeland be partitioned to suit their minority stance - they argued the UK was a single nation rather than a Union of 4 nations but notably have eversince vehemently opposed their fellow 'UK nation' citizens having a vote on whether their gerrymandered NI colony statelet should remain part of the UK?
1920-22, Unionist pogrom mobs in Lisburn, Banbridge, Dromore, Derry and Belfast murdered hundreds of Catholics, made 23,000 homeless and burned 4,500 Catholic-owned businesses. Furthermore, 6-7,000 Catholic workers were attacked and expelled from the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast. Notably, during this period Unionist UVF terrorist gangs shot dozens of Irish Catholics in Derry and not infrequently in the presence of British police and military forces who on occasion participated in those attacks - during 1920-22 approximately 500 people were murdered and 11-1200 wounded.
1960's Civil Rights - The illusive "decent Unionist majority" stayed at home when their fellow citizens from the beleaguered Irish Nationalist community marched to seek help in their campaign for 'justice and equality' for all citizens, and shamelessly the "decent Unionist majority" still kept electing the same bigots.
1973 Sunningdale power-sharing agreement - Unionists organised the prolonged Ulster Workers Council Strike intended to wreck the 1973 peace deal proposed by the British Government.
1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement - anti-equality Unionists undertook their lengthy nation-wide 'Ulster Says No' campaign to bring the NI statelet to a standstill in opposition to the British and Irish Governments efforts to broker a peace deal.
1990's UDA Doomsday Plan - Unionists drew-up a plan to mass ethnic cleanse native Irish Catholics from their homeland within the gerrymandered NI statelet - this action was described by the now British DUP Minister Sammy Wilson as 'a very valuable return to reality'.
1998 Belfast Agreement - whereas 47% of Unionist voters opposed approval of the 1998 peace agreement 98% of Irish Nationalists voted to approve it... who really wants to build an equal, harmonious society?

08: As we arrive at the dawn of 2014, it's unbelievable that almost 1 million Unionists (by action or omission) persist in propping-up bigoted old "orangeism only" style politicians who seek to maintain a divided society. These dinosaurs refuse to fully implement the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, knowing there's a certain demographic shift to a Nationalist majority and that denying Irish Nationalists parity of esteem in their own homeland is stirring a growing cocktail of disillusionment and anger; your "orangeism only" political parties de facto act as recruitment agents for growing dissident Republican and Loyalist extremist factions and only you can stop them!!!

'In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends' - Martin Luther King Jr.

09: It's time Unionists accepted N Ireland is unlike anywhere else in the UK; we alone have legally recognised dual national identity enshrined in law (read the GFA). We alone require unique compromises that ensure both Irish and British national identities, heritages, languages and cultures are equally represented by the state, and if this doesn't happen our problems will keep growing. If you the (current) majority Unionist community are indeed mostly decent, fair-minded people (unlike the un-British, bigoted "Lost Tribe" form of unionism) and want the 'shared future' we were all promised then now really is the time to get off your backside and prove it. Go read the GFA (particularly page 1 'Constitutional Issues' paragraph 1(v-vi)) then pick-up a mirror and blame no one but that voter (or non-voter) for the fact our society is at risk of drifting back toward that deadly old crossroads...


  1. Agreed, they're 2012 was supposed to be the 100 year anniversary, what a mess 2013 turned out to be.. the Union is not blessed - its falsehoods have found it out, and it cannot be reformed ..

  2. looks like a very good blog Ruaidri. Well done. Am looking forward to reading further posts.
    All the best

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    1. I deleted your comments as they contained vulgar phrases. If you wish to present a civilised, adult response feel free to do so - do try to be clear about what in the above post you do or don't like and why etc... vague rants waste your own time and do not enlighten me or other readers.

    2. what vulgar phrases did I use? you just could not tolerate a republican disagreeing with your sectarian finger pointing! you are exploiting republicanism as a flag of convenience for your bourgeois catholic nationalism, the blog is also very poorly written and smacks of self importance, what til ya see the censorship now

    3. Firstly, I suspect you know what vulgar words you used. Secondly, there isn't in reality anything "sectarian" [sic] about outlining the above historical facts as pertain(ed) to civic unionism within the 6 counties. Thirdly, you're wasting both our times if the best you can do is spew the above wishy-washy drivel - the truth is no less true just because it's harsh and damning.

  4. Great read mo chara i look forward to your next blog.

  5. I felt ur blog was concise and a true overview of our recent history. I've often reflected on the same points, but feel the prospects of changing the mind set of these "loyalists"is a gr8 challenge to us all. I find ur analysis is correct.

  6. Like Ruaidri has admitted, I find his analysis of Unionism "harsh and damning", and certainly not in line with Sinn Fein's Unionist outreach programme, nor conducive to reconciliation between the two tribes. However, I fear that the most disturbing thing about his blogs are that they would seem to be factual, at least from a puritanical and unforgiving Irish Republican perspective. A series of similar blogs highlighting and condemning militant Republican injustices inflicted upon both communities in the 6 counties 1968-98 might provide some equilibrium, as would an analysis and condemnation of past dissident Republican violence, all of which has been futile. Somehow I feel that none of the aforementioned shall be forthcoming, as the raison d'etre of Ruairi's blogs is to thoroughly demonise one community, whilst proclaiming the sainthood of another.

    1. Ah, Bertie, it isn't about being unforgiving. My blog posts are merely intended to act as a counter to the endless Unionist skewed grievance narrative which protrays Unionists as the saints and Republicans as the demons - these blog posts really do save me considerable re-typing whenever I engage in a "conflict issues" debate on Twitter etc.
      There are already plenty of pro-Union media material and Unionist blogs demonising Republicans/Republicanism, you only need to look for them. You should check-out the Unionist website as a starting point.

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