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British State Terrorist Forces In Ireland

When those charged with upholding the law break the law and are allowed to get away with it then there is no law, and you don't then in reality live in a just and civilised society.

Guinea Pigs & Cannon Fodder

01: In August 1969, the British Government deployed armed battle troops to the streets of Derry, then Belfast and elsewhere across the Northern Ireland colony. This military campaign lasted from 1969 to 2007 and was named Operation Banner. By the signing of the 1998 Belfast peace agreement (which now needs formally buried as the British state and their NI Unionist allies have cherry-picked it to death to the detriment of the Irish), this conflict took the lives of over 3,700 human beings, injured tens of thousands and traumatised hundreds of thousands.

02: Today, lies and deceit of the British state are feeding a festering legacy of hurt and bitterness which is infecting generations of families across Ireland. Our constitutional dispute hasn't been resolved simply because this generation managed to halt violent opposition to continued British occupation of a part of Ireland. Our conflict hasn't ended just because this generation managed to merely lessen the post-partition mistreatment and marginalisation of we Irish by those who wave around a UK Union flag while still acting like 17th century Colonists. The latter points aside, the British state is presently causing a worsening sense of hurt and bitterness among victims families and communities as it persists with its age-old apparatus of impunity to protect state forces and their masters. In other words, it's still actively obstructing victims families in their quest for real truth and justice with regard to conflict incidents from 1969 onwards. The situation has become so dire; victims families increasingly need to sue over withheld and/or bias investigations and inquires; the state Coroners Office has condemned the 25-30 year delays into many conflict related killings by the state and; even the Police Complaints Ombudsman felt obliged to sue the Police for witholding police activity and investigation files from their office notwithstanding they have statutory powers granting it unrestricted access to all such files.

'Making peace, I have found, is much harder than making war' - Gerry Adams (Irish Republican)

03: British Veterans For Peace and other former soldiers are among many who share the Irish consensus on our conflict. Namely, the British state quickly realised it could exploit the violent communal unrest NI colony Unionists started in opposition to Irish civil rights protests; it could within the northern corner of this island territory test and perfect its devious (General Sir Frank Kitson) tactics and develop its equipment to combat serious civil disturbances and insurgency conflicts - these crafts and equipment were on an ongoing basis exported across the world.

'To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men' - Abraham Lincoln

Exploiting Unionist Bigotry

04: During so-called 'low intensity conflicts' such as erupted in 1969 in its NI colony the British state began implementing its own brand of so-called counter-insurgency strategies. In particular, it:
i) formed a new psychological warfare unit, to deceive the world about its vile and illegal activities while at the same time demonising the Irish in Ireland seeking freedom from demeaning foreign British rule.
ii) built a secret torture centre the existence of which was in 1976 denied to the European Court of Human Rights - evidence unearthed in 2013 triggered a fresh appeal of the ECHR Hoodedmen Case;
iii) constructed specialised so-called 'interview suites' situated in selected police stations and army bases, wherein even children were tortured into signing confessions;
iv) created an ultra-secret and dubiously named Special Branch run Weapons and Explosives Research Centre working within NI colony's supposedly independent criminal forensics Laboratory - the very existence of this evidence-tampering police team was kept secret from even British courts until 2013;
v) formed new Diplock no jury courts presided over by a single judge who sometimes had connections with the British military;
vi) set-up internment camps wherein thousands of Irishmen and Irishwomen were imprisoned without charges or accorded the basic human right to challenge unspecified allegations of wrongdoing;
vii) deployed a new batch of plained-clothed British secret assassins, to this time engage in drive-by random shootings of civilians in known Irish Catholic districts to stoke inter-communal internecine;
viii) recruited and trained local British Colonialist UDA and UVF terrorist groups whom were supplied with personal information of suspected Irish Republicans the British state wanted assassinated;
ix) assassinated by proxy Irish Human Rights Lawyers Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson and had other lawyers threatened resulting in hundreds of lawyers signing a petition opposing assassination threats;
x) British Government: 'The army should not be inhabited in its campaign by the threat of court proceedings and therefore should be suitably indemnified' - declassified meeting note 10th July 1972

British Spies Who Lie

05: As part of its covert intelligence-gathering and psychological warfare "dirty tricks", the British state increased its plain-clothed Special Branch police, Mi5 and Mi6 Officers across the whole of Ireland. These Officers recuited Agents to commit robberies etc to be blamed on the IRA and promoted smears against known senior Irish Republican figures despite their own Officers assessed such to be 'bullshit'. Other Officers frequently gave sometimes ridiculously false stories to the media only to later retract them or police to dispute them e.g 3 children forced to attack army with IRA bomb in a pram story and that the IRA were supposedly involved in satanic practices etc... all in the patronising belief they were dealing with a backward 'Roman Catholic' community.

Secret Assassination Squads

06: In October 1971 a British military appreciation document composed by Army General Staff in relation to NI colony titled ‘Tougher Military Measures and their implications’ recommended forming so-called 'Q Squads' - the old covername for secret assassination squads which "Special Gang" the IRA uncovered and executed in Dublin in 1920 and which squads were deployed during the Palestine and Yemen conflicts aswell as in Iraq in 2005.

07: We Irish now know from experience, declassified documents and admissions by former British force members (see videos below), the British Government deployed plain-clothed army secret assassination squads who engaged in blatant terrorism i.e randomly shooting unarmed Irish civilians and so wreckless were these activities they resulted in one state gang shooting dead a member of another (taking an hour to read the two embedded reports on these state terror attacks is an absolute must for those seeking the truth). In 2013, Irish researchers discovered declassified documents which prove the British Government engaged in farcical "deniability" shenanigans to disguise the SAS had been deployed to Belfast and Derry in plain-clothes several years before their official fanfare deployment to Armagh in January 1976 - the below images depict members of these secret state terror squads and the latter 5 members the IRA killed.

08: In 2013, former members of these plain-clothed British state secret assassination squads admitted perpetrating random drive-by shootings of unarmed civilians in known Irish Nationalist districts during the 1970's. At the time, state misinformation briefings to the media suggested these attacks were perpetrated by local 'Loyalist' UVF and/or UDA terrorist gangs from within the British Unionist/Colonialist community. These despicable tactics likely had a multi-layered desired aim. Firstly, they could distract Irish IRA paramilitaries from their raison d'ĂȘtre; to attack occupying British soldiers and police plus state and economic targets. Secondly, if the IRA could be provoked to "retaliate" against perceived Unionist community attacks this could provoke tit-for-tat inter-communal killings and require the IRA to devout its resources to defending its community from them. Moreover, if the IRA reacted as hoped it would validate uniformed British state forces increasing their already oppressive actions against the native Irish.

Homegrown British Terrorists

09: In addition to the above "dirty tricks" tactics, British Officers recruited Brian Nelson - a former British soldier living in Germany, and ordered him to return to his native city of Belfast to join the British Unionist UDA terrorist gang. Upon so doing, Nelson was tasked with providing hundreds of state intelligence-gathering documents to assist in the assassination of Irish Republicans by both the UDA and UVF. Nelson would later advise, British security forces ordered him to encourage these terrorist gangs to resume bombings across the border in the Republic of Ireland. And similarly, Unionist UDA terrorist leader Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair was supplied with secret state documents by a senior British army Brigadier to assist him to assassinate suspected Irish Republicans.

10: The British state colluding with Unionist terrorist gangs stretches back even beyond the early 1970's. During that period, the British army and RUC police openly consorted with masked UDA paramilitary terrorist forces and conducted joint patrols on the streets of Belfast. And while official state forces attacked Irish Republican paramilitary funerals and commenorations, they ignored UDA-UFF and UVF-LVF public displays of firearms e.g:

RUC Police & UDR Soldier Gang

11: A gang of UVF terrorists formed what became known as The Glenanne Gang along with British army UDR soldiers and RUC Police Officers - several of these RUC SPG Officers received training from the SAS. In her state documents-supported Lethal Allies book, English Journalist Anne Cadwallader established this gang murdered 150 plus civilians mostly within NI colony though they also carried-out bombings and shootings in the Republic of Ireland. And in his Affidavit regarding his time in this gang, former RUC police Officer John Weir advises that – prior to his execution by the IRA, senior RUC Chief Inspector Harry Breen was supplying guns to this gang.

12: Unionist Orangeman William Frazer is the Son of a former UDR soldier and has levelled serious allegations against British forces. Mr Frazer is a self-described Victims Campaigner primarily for the Armagh Kingsmill Massacre families (the sole survivor claims the killers of these 10 civilians were led by a man with an English accent who Mr Frazer suspects was SAS Captain Robert Nairac). Mr Frazer asserts, he knows the IRA drove passed the homes of several other Armagh UDR soldiers en route to their (successful) execution of his UDR Father. In fact, Mr Frazer and UDR soldier Robert McConnell's Newphew contend, the IRA killed their UDR family members as they were involved with a secret British force unit of assassins in Armagh - one can from other information glean they mean the Glenanne UVF-RUC-UDR gang which involved SAS Captain Robert Nairac who the IRA also executed.

Know Your Enemy

13: The British army in its final report on Operation Banner set-out the lessons it had learnt and an assessment of the protagonist organisations involved in that conflict. In summary, it decided:

i) The Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) were generally 'a professional, dedicated, highly skilled and resilient force' and they've even saluted IRA Volunteer funerals;
ii) The British Unionist Ulster Volunteer Force and Ulster Defence Association paramilitaries and other micro groups were deemed 'little more than a collection of gangsters' who post-peace engage in wide-spread drug-dealing, extortion and attacks on newly arrived immigrants etc.

Fighting Concealment Of Truth

14: Thousands of victims families and their communities continue relentlessly to pursue the British Government to demand they disclose the truth about the state's involvement in the death and/or cover-up as pertains to their loved ones. The main victims groups are primarily focused on - though not exclusively - the following events:

i) Dublin and Monaghan Bombings: 31 civilians (including a French and Italian citizen) were murdered and more than a 150 injured when British state agents known as the Glenanne Gang exploded 3 bombs during the rush-hour in Dublin and Monaghan on 17th May 1974. This was the worst atrocity day connected with the NI colony conflict and to-date no perpetrator has been brought before a court – the British Government has refused to disclose all relevant documents to the Irish Government within its possession and control to assist with ongoing inquires.
ii) Ballymurphy Massacre: 11 unarmed Irish civilians were shot dead by British army Paratroopers during the search and arrest phase of the 'Interment Without Trial' operation in west Belfast's Ballymurphy & Springfield district between 09th-11th August 1971. Among these victims are Joan Connolly a Mother of 8 children and Catholic Priest Father Hugh Mullan.
iii) Derry Bloody Sunday" Massacre: 37 Civil Rights protestors were shot and 14 died after British army Paratroopers were encouraged by senior Officers to run amok in Derry on 31st January 1972. In the resulting Widgery Report whitewash by a Judge who was a former army Brigadier, victims were labelled as terrorists. However, the ensuing Saville Inquiry found all these shootings were 'unjustified and unjustifiable' but still not one British Paratrooper or Officer has been charged or stood trial.
iv) McGurks Bar Obliteration: 15 Irish civilians murdered and several injured on 04th December 1971, when UVF terrorists exploded a no-warning bomb at the entrance to this family-friendly pub. British state "dirty tricks" swiftly and falsely briefed the media alleging, some victims were known IRA members who were preparing a bomb inside to transport to a different target. This offensive lie was maintained for decades, despite within days police received information pointing to the UVF as culprits and despite forensic tests established the bomb was planted outside and tests on victims confirmed none had been in contact with explosives.
v) 6 Irish Nationalists were shot dead by plain-cloth British state terror forces and Unionist terrorist gangs in north Belfast on the nights of 03rd-04th February 1973 - collusion between British state forces and British Unionist terror gangs is strongly indicated in the murder' of these unarmed local residents.
vi) Ormeau Rose & Crown bombing: 02nd May 1974, 6 Irish civilians were murdered by UVF Unionist terrorists - todate have have been no charges brought against the bomb-maker nor the Commander who recruited the two 16 years jailed for this attack (remember that 207 police informants were among the 210 Unionist suspects arrested during English Deputy Chief Constable John Stevens Inquiry).
vii) Miami Showband Massacre: 3 members of Ireland's answer to the "Beatles" were shot dead and another injured at a security checkpoint on 31st July 1975 in south County Down near the border. As this gang of British UDR soldiers searched the band's minibus they planted a bomb which prematurely exploded killing two of the gang. Subsequently, a British Military Officer alleged the "English Officer" among this gang was likely SAS Captain Robert Nairac linked to the UVF Glennane terror gang.
viii) Reavey & O'Dowd Families Massacre: 6 Irish Nationalists were shot dead in their homes in Armagh – 3 in the Reavey home and 3 in the O'Dowd home, by UVF terrorists on 04th January 1976. State "dirty tricks" then circulated the lie that these victims were in the IRA and a lie repeated by Unionst DUP leader Ian Paisley and in turn police investigators became hostile toward the grieving families. The much referred to horrible Kingsmill Massacre of 10 Unionist civilians in Armagh occurred the day after these 6 murders. It remains unknown todate whether, Kingsmill was or wasn't some warmongering state maniacs' false-flag effort to derail the ceasefire agreed between the British Government and the IRA in 1975 (though recall paragraphs 17-18 above aswell as immediately above plus remember the clockwork orange plot against Harold Wilson involved state forces in NI colony).
ix) British Army Pitchfork Murderers: 2 Irish Nationalists were slaughtered at a Newtownbutler farm with knives and a pitchfork by a unit of British soldiers - research shows a state cover-up.
x) State Sanctioned Assassinations: On 08th May 1987, 2 Irish Nationalist civilians were shot (one fatally) driving home from work. The shooters were among a 36-man team of the British army's Secret Assassination Squads (SAS). This incident occurred during a pre-planned ambush-and-assassinate operation against a 8-man IRA unit known to be en route to blow-up a rural part-time RUC police station when it was vacant that evening – this became known as The Loughgall Ambush pre-approved by British Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher. Even leaving aside the summary execution of this IRA unit contrary to the UK Government's international treaty obligations and its public assertions its conduct in NI colony were at all times designed merely to uphold the rule of law, todate no-one has been arrested or charged with the murder of Oliver Hughes or the wounding of his Brother Anthony.
xi) Ormeau Bookies Massacre: 5 Irish Nationalist civilians died among the 12 shot by the UDA-UFF terrorist gang on 06th February 1992 in south Belfast. No-one has ever been convicted of these murders, despite eye-witness accounts and forensics identified the gang - the RUC police had possession of the gun used in this attacked and returned it to the killers.
xii) Loughinisland Football Massacre: 6 Irish Nationalists were shot dead and 5 wounded when a UVF gang attacked The Heights Bar on 18th June 1994 during the televised Ireland -v- Italy match. No prosecutions ensued despite witness evidence and, suspiciously, two years later police informed victims families the killers get-away car had been destroyed when it had actually been hidden on a policeman's farm for over a decade - state collusion in this case is given greater currency by the fact the relevant Police Obudsman's report has never been published nor even a summary of its contents disclosed.
xiii) Army Watch Political Assassins: In 1981, Irish civil rights activist Bernadette Devlin (elected in 1969 as the then youngest ever member of the UK Parliament) was shot at home along with her husband Michael McAliskey. British SAS troops were then spying on their home and allowed these assassins to cut their telephone line, enter the house with rifles and escape after this shooting.
xiv) Milltown Cemetery Attack: On 16th March 1988, 3 Irish Nationalists were killed and 60 wounded during a videoed gun and grenade attack on mourners by Unionist UDA terrorists. Oddly, all Republican funerals were closely monitored by state security forces but on this occasion they withdrew from the area. The Irish Nationalist community thus suspected state forces colluded with UDA terrorists to facilitate this attack and swiftly appeared to save the attacker from enraged mourners – when one of those murdered was being buried armed plain-clothed individuals were detected at the funeral and were mortally attacked by mourners (this became known as the 'British Corporals killings' incident).
xv) Assassinating Human Rights: 2 Irish Nationalist Human Rights lawyers were murdered by British state proxy terrorist gangs and others threatened with a similar fate. Pat Finucane was murdered at home on 12th February 1989 at the behest of British state agent Brian Nelson - during the eventual Stalker Inquiry by an English police chief it was found that of the 210 suspects arrested 207 of them were British state Agents. Then, the Unionist UDA-RHC terrorist gang murdered another Irish Human right Lawyer Rosemary Nelson in her car on 15th March 1999 at the behest of RUC police.
xvi) Monitoring Pensioner's Murder: Irish Nationalist pensioner Roseanne Mallon (76) was murdered at her Newphews' home in Dungannon on 08th May 1994 by Unionist UDA/UFF terrorists. This occurred whilst the British army had the property under close surveillance but were ordered by senior Officers not to intervene - army surveillance tapes were later erased and a protracted cover-up has ensued.
xvii) Quinn Children Fireball: 3 sleeping Irish Nationalist Catholic children were burned to death on 10th August 1998 in a Unionist terrorist attack on their home in consequence of Catholic protests against bigoted Unionist Orange Order parades (to Drumcree) which passed their homes spewing centuries old bigotry - the British state's initial response was to ignore Irish grievances and attack sitdown resident protests to facilitate these bigotfest parades... until the world media exposed their bias.
xviii) Rubber & Plastic Bullet killings: 9 children and 5 adults were killed and thousands injured by British forces using (rubber or plastic) baton rounds. Todate, no member of the British forces has been prosecuted despite their regular blatant misuse when firing 42,000 odd of these projectiles - plus British forces have shot dead ten times as many Irish children using 'live' (lead) bullets >>>

They Shoot Children, Don't They....

“The [British] Government are teaching a deadly lesson to the people: that power comes out of the barrel of a gun; that the ballot box is powerless against force; that police and army can betray their trust and not be the impartial servants of government and people; that the judiciary can fail to oppose tyranny and to protect life.” - Father Denis Faul (Irish Catholic Priest).

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